Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the Brisbane Region Welcomes the World online programs all about?


Brisbane – Australia’s New World City and its surrounding stunning region is one of the most welcoming and friendliest destinations in the world. Brisbane Region Welcomes the World online training programs are all about our industry and communities continuing to enhance this fine reputation.

It’s our shared aim to provide visitors with a very personal connection to our destination, our culture and our events that will be cherished for years to come and leave visitors wanting to be part of it again.

To enable us to consistently make a world of difference to our visitors, our local communities and tourism industry have enthusiastically developed a number of “Welcome to …” online training programs so that we continue to nurture well-informed, passionate ambassadors.

Program Outcomes:

Being part of a team of great welcoming hosts across our great destination involves...
– Understanding our role as hosts and the roles that others play in welcoming visitors
– Understanding how we can all work together consistently and cohesively to enhance the visitor experience across our destination
– Understanding and learning more about our destination and how it is managed to address the “whole experience” … visitor needs and wants from destination journey start to end

Q2. Who can participate in Brisbane Region’s online welcome programs?

Anyone within our tourism industry and communities who plays a role in welcoming and hosting visitors – in Brisbane and across the region – can participate. Participants may include those working in hotels, venues, transport, events, attractions, retail, restaurants, cafes and bars or volunteers with a passion and drive to make a difference.

Q3. What are the benefits of this program for your business/organisation/individual participants?

  • increases participant knowledge about the Brisbane Region – all destinations within the region
  • increases participant awareness of other destination host team services across the region, enabling hosts to easily direct visitors to these or recommend them to visitors
  • encourages important reflection on and offers strategies regarding effective communication and customer service processes, treating visitors as guests
  • enhances participant abilities to share personal insights and stories to really connect visitors to our destination, leaving them wanting more and to return

Q4. Additional to the above benefits, what do individual participants receive for completing this program?

Each individual participant will receive an official Certificate of Achievement for each online training course fully completed.

Participants may register for one or all courses.

Note: No one ever fails these courses (if you do get some answers incorrect, the system will always share the correct answer with you). There is no scoring process or level to achieve. It’s an information share and more about awareness raising and participation than anything else.

Q5. Does this online training cost anything?

The Brisbane Region online welcome programs training is FREE.

Q6. What are the online welcome program course focus areas?

The focus of each Brisbane Region Welcome Program is on treating visitors as guests; highly engaging visitors through story telling; readily assisting visitors with wayfinding around the destination.

Q7. How valuable have other industry participants found our welcome programs and online courses to date?

Click here to view Industry Feedback

Q8. What is the time commitment required to undertake and complete an online training program?

Each online Welcome Program takes no longer than two hours to complete. It’s also a flexible training process – participants are able to undertake the program in as many sittings as they wish – just saving the completed module components as they go.

Q9. What programs are currently available and can we sign up for more than one program at a time?

Click here to view current and available online welcome program options. Participants may register for one or all courses.

Q10. How do we sign up for these online programs?

Click here to complete the Course Registration Form - you are able to subscribe to more than one.

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If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Manager- Destination Programs on or 07 3006 6216.