Five free water parks in Brisbane's backyard

It’s a hot summer day in Brisbane and you’ve already plied the kids with a scoop of ice-cream. What now? Pack the littlies and cool off in some of Brisbane’s most accessible water parks.

1. Robelle Domain, Ipswich

The 24-hectare Robelle Domain in Ipswich is the core of the Springfield Central Parklands and features a mini aquativity park with jet sprays and a 700-litre tipping water bucket.

2. Wynnum Wading Pool & Park, Brisbane's Bayside

Head to Wynnum where grown-ups can relax as the kids are entertained by a saltwater wading pool, pirate-themed playground and a pod of rubber whales spraying jets of water.

3. South Bank Parklands, Brisbane City

Located in the heart of the city, South Bank Parklands features a fun and interactive water-play park perfect for the family. Kids can splash about while adults take a dip in the clear lagoon at Streets Beach.

4. Settlement Cove, Moreton Bay Region

This gigantic tropical seafront pool at Redcliffe is perfect for children who enjoy a paddle on a hot day. The park features a playground, bike paths and shaded areas for a barbecue. 

5. Darlington Parklands, Logan

Test out the newly opened waterpark in Darlington Parklands, Yarrabilba. The park offers everything from flying foxes and climbing domes to spraying fountains and a shallow pool.