Get Fit for Free in The Parklands

12 June 2014

Who needs a gym membership when a gorgeous, free greenspace is in your midst? Here are our top tips for free exercise activities in the stunning South Bank Parklands:

1. Cycling along the Clem Jones Promenade

Travelling along the Promenade will give you amazing workout – it stretches all the way from West End to the Goodwill Bridge so there’s a few kilometres of leg work to get through and there’s also stunning scenery to see along the way.  Our tip is to finish up at River Quay and treat yourself to a warm, creamy coffee from one of the restaurants.   

2. Push ups at the Cultural Forecourt

Find yourself a vacant bench at the Forecourt and stand opposite it, placing your hands on the seat. Next, walk your feet out behind you until your legs are fully extended. Then, bend your arms and lower chest towards to the bench and push. Repeat multiple times for maximum effect.

3. Tree planking on the Little Stanley Street lawns

Stand with your back to a tree and then get on all fours so that your heels are a few centimetres away from the tree trunk. Then, place your forearms on the ground with your elbows underneath your shoulders. Next, straighten your legs behind you one at a time and walk your feet up tree until your body is parallel to ground. Hold this pose for ten seconds, then rest for ten seconds and repeat.

4. Arm and leg raises at Rainforest Green

Settle down on a comfy section of grass and kneel on all fours. Make sure your knees are aligned under your hips and your wrists are under your shoulders, then raise your left arm to shoulder height and your left leg to hip height. Hold for two counts, reaching forward with your fingers and back with your heels and repeat on the opposite limbs. Repeat 15 to 20 times.

5. Powerwalking through the Arbour

Walking isn’t a chore when the view is as pretty as the Arbour. Weaving your way through the bougainvillea-clad masterpiece is about a one kilometre trek, so we suggest doing it three or four times for a solid workout.