Brisbane has opportunity to become a World City at G20

In an opinion piece on, guest writer Lauren Clark says Brisbane will be the “New Hollywood” come November, when an “A-list cast of world government” walk our red carpet for the G20 Leaders Summit.

“The stars will include leaders, finance ministers and central bank governors from Australia’s biggest two-way trading partners China, Japan, the United States and the Republic of Korea; as well as leaders and officials from economies including the United Kingdom, Germany, India and the EU.”

Collectively, the G20 economies account for about 85 per cent of the gross world product (GWP) and are home to two-thirds of the world’s population.

“We need to do our best to ensure the whole production goes off without a hitch and it shouldn’t just be the politicians and business owners who should care,” Clark says.  

“Every Brisbane citizen should take note as the success of the G20 will have a roll-on effect to one and all.”

She says this cannot be achieved through the actions of just a few.

“If Brisbane is to truly become an internationally-renowned world city, the whole city needs to come along for the ride.”

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