Explore South Bank’s new Epicurious Garden


South Bank’s stunning new space, the Epicurious Garden, will open on Tuesday, 19 August 2014.

Located in the heart of the Parklands, near River Quay, the Epicurious Garden is an ornamental, edible garden that will grow organic, seasonal produce all year round.

The garden’s name is derived from the word ‘epicure’ which refers to someone who takes pleasure in fine food and drink.

It’s free to visit and will be maintained by a group of dedicated volunteers who will use their extensive horticultural knowledge to educate the community about inner-city gardening and cooking with home grown produce.

Just some of the species in the garden include tamarind and coffee plants, the blue java banana and taro. There’s also a range of edible flowers including pansies and nasturtiums and plenty of herbs and spices including basil, thyme and turmeric and ginger.

For more information on the Epicurious Garden, contact the South Bank team on info@south-bank.net.au