New Garden for South Bank

8 April 2014 

South Bank’s Formal Gardens will start its transformation into an ornamental productive garden in mid-2014, with proposed construction to begin in June and end by August. 

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said the new space at South Bank would be named the Epicurious Garden, to reflect the idea that the garden’s visitors were in constant pursuit of great food, drink and adventure.

"The Epicurious Garden will be a welcome addition to the many public spaces on offer at South Bank. 

"We’re excited to be activating this space with a new and unique concept, with visitors able to take part in creating what is effectively an outdoor kitchen," Cr Quirk said. 

"The garden will be a free way for residents and visitors of Brisbane to learn about inner-city productive gardening, particularly how to grow fruit and vegetables.

"Once complete, the Epicurious Garden will be maintained by a team of dedicated volunteers recruited by Brisbane City Council."

To ensure public safety, the Formal Gardens will be closed for the duration of the works. Other free green spaces across the parklands including Picnic Island, the Little Stanley Street lawns, River Quay Green, Rainforest Green, and the Riverside Green will remain open for visitors to enjoy.

For additional queries relating to the works at South Bank Parklands, please email