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With so many unique and interesting things to see and do around the inner-city, urban villages and surrounding regions, a little advice doesn’t go astray.  Take the lead from a local on a free walking tour with a Brisbane Greeter, delve deeper and book a quality tour with an experienced tour operator, or plan your adventure with the help of a range of one, two and three-day itineraries that are sure to  inspire you to get the most from your visit.

What's Hot

Floating Images is Brisbane's closest hot-air ballooning company. Simply drive 30 minutes west of the Brisbane central business district to experience a one-hour city and country hot-air balloon flight.

The river is central to the story of Brisbane and there is no better way to gain a feeling for the dynamic city and its unique relaxed lifestyle that to travel its river and sit back and watch the city and its people at work and play.

15 vessels have been deliberately sunk on the landward side of Moreton Island to form a breakwall for small boats and a wreck dive and snorkel site.


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