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  • For Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland Limited Honorary President Nick Xynias, his West End or West Side story if you will, began some 53 years ago when the Egyptian born Greek moved to the area. To add flavour to his tale, just one of so many in the West End crockpot, he married a Greek Australian called none other than Cleopatra – a woman whose love of the suburb resonates through the walls of the house they have called home for 40 years…

West End Highlights

Inspired by a plethora of yakitori restaurants lining the streets of Japan, Bird’s Nest serves up yakitori in every flavour you can imagine - made daily and cooked to order. 

This West End favourite serves up a fusion of pan-Asian street food daily for lunch and dinner.

In the thriving precinct of West End, Depo is a bar, restaurant, cafe and gallery, all rolled into one. It os open for breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner.

Jungle takes the Tiki theme to a whole new level with bamboo mugs, straw lampshades, woven wallpaper and totem head bar that look like they came straight from an Indiana Jones movie set.


Loft is a late night lounge and dining venue in West End catering to those who enjoy a few of the finer things in life.

The Gun Shop Café offers a relaxed environment with enticing aromas of great food.

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