West End

The Three Monkeys Cafe and Teahouse, West End

West End has a quirky, local characteristic described as a fusion of cultures and mix of alternative and vintage. The shops, restaurants and lively lifestyle reflect this inner-city suburb’s eclectic charm. Stroll through the weekend markets, where aspiring designers peddle their wares among organic grocers, cosy bars and coffee houses. If you like to keep track of your food’s carbon footprint, West End is the place to feed your hunger for organic produce, drinks and cocktails. The music scene is pumping – West End’s bars and clubs have been pulsating since the early days of the Saints, the Go-Betweens and the Bee Gees.

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With Greek roots, a fusion of trendy bar culture and a lively dining lifestyle give the inner-city suburb of West End its own special charm.

Boundary St is the pulsing hub of the suburb, with its high concentration of bars, pubs and cafes.

No longer is a pint of beer simply a pint of beer, or a schooner simply a schooner. One must ask where the wheat came from, how and when the yeast was added and where it was brewed. Discover the Breweries of Brisbane.



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