53 Racecourse Rd, Hamilton, Queensland 4007


Close your eyes and you will think you’re in Rome. The sweet, creamy, pure, smooth, delectable taste of rich Italian gelato has landed on Brisbane’s very own Racecourse Rd.  Owned by Olympic pole vaulter Tatiana Grigorieva along with her husband Plamen Milanov,  Caffe e Gelato Milany offers 40 quality gelato flavours and a menu full of sweet and delicious concoctions. The gelato flavours are second to none and include any flavour you have ever wished to be placed in your waffle cone, with new flavours being introduced regularly. Snickers, kinder surprise and tiramisu to name a few favourites. For the hard-core sweet tooth, it is fair to say Milany possibly serves the best nutella waffles this side of the equator as well as other delights including Death By Chocolate, Strawberry Fantasy and even Milany Spaghetti Carbonara. Whether for a quick coffee stop or a committed sweet indulgence, Milany is your one-stop dessert shop that will certainly not disappoint.


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53 Racecourse Rd, Hamilton, 4007, Queensland, Australia

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