Chermside Hills Reserve

Trouts Road, CHERMSIDE WEST, QLD 4032


In Chermside West and McDowall, three areas link to create a unique bushland setting for enjoying our natural environment:

Raven Street Reserve (33 hectares of regenerated coastal heath woodland), which is home to the Downfall Creek Bushland Centre Milne Hill Reserve (11 hectares) Chermside Hills Reserve (73 hectares) Together, these areas are known as Chermside Hills Reserves.

Milne Hill and Chermside Hills are linked to Raven Street reserve by walking tracks.

These areas are an important part of the Mountains to Mangroves Corridor. This is a wildlife corridor that extends from Camp Mountain in the D'Aguilar Ranges to Boondall Wetlands and Moreton Bay.

Animals use this corridor to move between different habitats. The corridor also provides a semi-continuous network of walking/cycle tracks.

More than 115 bird species have been recorded in this area, including scarlet honeyeaters, lorikeets, treecreepers, kingfishers and fairy wrens. Other animals you can see include water dragons, goannas, turtles, frogs, brush turkeys, possums and squirrel gliders.

The Chermside Hills Reserve is located 12km north of Brisbane's central business district. You can get to the Chermside Hills Reserve from Trouts Road, Chermside West. Raven Street Reserve, including the Downfall Creek Bushland Centre, is located at 815 Rode Road, Chermside West. Limited parking is available.


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