Colonial Brisbane Heritage Walk

Reddacliff Place, Brisbane Square, BRISBANE, QLD 4000


Take a walk through Brisbane's colonial past, with your iPod or MP3 player as your guide. By downloading the podcast, you can enjoy the rich history of Brisbane - modern Queensland's birthplace - at your own pace. Take the 90-minute stroll to dozens of places of interest and explore their role in the state's first 150 years. All you need to do is connect your audio device to this computer, choose the download suitable for your device and transfer the file. You can also download and print a simple route map from the web page, with some details of the major sites along the way. Then, when you are ready to share the journey, go to Reddacliff Place in Brisbane Square, the starting point of the tour, and play the program. You'll be told everything you need to do from there. At points along the way, you'll be asked to pause the podcast, or you may choose to take a break for photos or a closer look. Please check that your audio device is able to return to the program at the point at which you paused it. Some devices shut down after a few minutes, returning to the beginning of the podcast when restarted. These devices will not be suitable for this walk. For your copy of the Colonial Brisbane Heritage Walk, download the podcast at


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Reddacliff Place, Brisbane Square, BRISBANE, 4000, QLD, Australia

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