16 things you must do at the Marvel exhibition

Who is your favourite Marvel character? Regardless of whether you were #TeamCap or #TeamIronMan in the most recent Avengers outing, there will be many, many elements of this exhibition that will leave you geeking out for days.

The exhibition features more than 500 artworks, over 60 original costumes, 150-plus props and set pieces from the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok. You may even say it’s ... mighty.

Catch Marvel: Creating the Cinematic Universe before it finishes on 3 September.

1. Bow down before Asgard

Marvel Exhibition IMG: N Harth
Image: N Harth

To put into perspective just how grand it is, think of it like this: in order to actually place the throne into the museum, a window had to be removed for it to fit inside. It’s safe to say the majestic Asgardian throne room – from the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok – is absolutely spectacular.

2. See your heroes in formation

Marvel Exhibition IMG: N Harth
Image: N Harth

Avengers, assemble! See your favourite heroes in formation ready to take on the villains. From Captain America and his wartime team, to the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor and his Asgardian warriors to Iron Man's many ready-made suits, there's a photo opportunity for you with your favourite hero (or villain - who doesn't love Loki?) somewhere in the exhibition.

3. Be the star of a film

At some stage or another, every kid wanted to be an actor when they grew up but here is your chance to actually be the star of your favourite Marvel film. The absolute icing on the exhibition cake is the green screen near the exit. Pick your film poster, grab a prop or two and do your best super pose in front of the green screen. You can email the picture to yourself and share it everywhere.

4. Bring a character to life

You don’t realise until you’re standing in the square with Iron Man mimicking your every move just how much you’ve secretly always wanted to see him dance the Macarena. The exhibition gifts us with a real-life opportunity to see how the CGI-heavy characters were created by having sensors that project your movements through Iron Man, the Hulk, Groot and Rocket. Stand in the square and test it out solo, or grab a mate and see who joins you on screen.

5. Marvel at Thor’s hammer

Marvel Exhibition IMG: N Harth
Image: N Harth

Unfortunately you can’t pick it up to test if you’re worthy enough to lift Thor’s hammer. But, consider it a blessing in disguise. By not being allowed to touch it you can keep the dream – maybe you have got what it takes ...

6. Mix your own audio

There are so many elements involved in creating the final product that we see on cinema screens, from the very first idea to the film premiere. Try your hand as a sound mixer and play around with the audio controls in a scene from Thor, from dialogue to soundtrack music.

7. Learn how some of the best fight scenes were made

Fight Scene Marvel

The CGI in the Marvel films seems to be bigger and more ambitious every time a new film is released. Watch a breakdown of the classic Iron Man v Hulk fight from Avengers: Age of Ultron, and personal favourite fight between Ant Man and Yellowjacket on the Thomas the Tank Engine train set.

8. Discover the level of detail

Marvel Exhibition IMG: N Harth
Image: N Harth

There are more than 60 original costumes scattered throughout the exhibition. There’s a selection of Iron Man suits – including the 10-foot-tall Iron Man that took on the Hulk in that fight scene – and Captain America’s costumes standing side by side that highlight the changes made throughout the films. Heroes and villains, sidekicks and support – not a single detail has gone unnoticed in any of the costumes. More recent additions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe haven’t been forgotten either – just before you enter the Throne Room, the Doctor Strange, Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy costumes are a stand-out. 

9. Sketch your own comic

Marvel Exhibition

Put your artistic skills to the test and try your hand at sketching your own comic. It’s right near the entrance, so put your creative abilities to work prior to exploring the exhibition, or gain some inspiration and insights from the incredible Spiderman wall prior to putting pencil to paper.

10. Learn what the weapons are really made of

Scattered throughout the exhibition are more than 150 props, including the Hulk’s enormous bed, Captain America’s shield, Falcon’s wings and Loki’s sceptre. As detailed and fierce as they are on screen, look closely and you may learn what they’re actually made of.

11. Visit after-hours

Marvel Exhibition

The exhibition will be open until 9pm on Wednesday nights for the after-dark adventurers or a pre-film wander. Up Late begins on Fridays from 28 July, complete with nibbles, drinks and a stellar line-up of live music while exploring the gallery.

12. Destroy the villain burger

Marvel Exhibition IMG: M Sherwood
Image: M Sherwood

Award-winning chef Josue Gomez has created a dish especially for this exhibition: the Villain Burger. It’s a dark twist on an American classic and it’s so good it should be illegal. Sounds evil, no?

13. Explore the connections between characters

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is huge, so we understand if sometimes you get a bit lost when it comes to how all the characters tie in together. Pick and choose on the interactive screens to see connections – you might be surprised at how many characters cross over.

14. See Groot in real life


If you don’t remember the world collectively losing their minds over Groot when Guardians of the Galaxy came out in 2014, you must have been living under a rock. See him lined up with his fellow guardians and realise just how much he towers over his team.

15. Time your visit with a film screening

QAGOMA’s Australian Cinematheque is gifting us with screenings of all the Marvel films – including latest offering Spider-Man: Homecoming. It’s affordable ($10 for adults), and you know you won’t be disappointed because you can choose to go see your favourite. Just remember to stay in your seat until after the credits ...

14. Follow the evolution of the comics

Marvel Exhibition

Seeing the comics brought to life is amazing – but it’s equally incredible to see where it all began. Follow one of the Hulk’s adventures before you discover how his fight scenes were adapted for the screen.

16. Get lost in the gift shop

The gift shop is like Disneyland for fans of Marvel, with t-shirts, films, pencils, keyrings (we could go on) available to pick up on the way out. There’s Marvel Monopoly and a curated book that has captured this incredible exhibition on paper for you to take home. It’s worth it.

Want to go along even though you don’t know much about it all? QAGOMA has gifted us with a beginner’s guide to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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