Tick off all 63 items on Brisbane's ultimate food bucket list

Now listen up kids, we’re here to school you in Brisbane’s ultimate dishes. These are the ones that everyone talks about, that shape this fine city, and the dishes a venue simply can’t take off its menu without public uproar.

These modern classics are the best of the best, so it’s with good reason you should start eating your way through them. Try and finish all 63, we dare you.

Click the boxes to tick the dishes you've eaten. Get a total score at the end.


1. Baked choc-chip cookies, E’cco Bistro – despite Phillip Johnson handing over the kitchen reins to Simon Palmer, the humble fresh-baked cookies ($6 for serve of three, allow 10 minutes) remain.  

2. KFD, Public – Kentucky Fried Duck, that’s what. It is said head chef Damian Amos’s mum used to make it for him so he didn’t order the fast food alternative.

3. Sand crab lasagne, Il Centro – chef Romain Bapst brought this dish to fame during his 15-year tenure at this waterfront restaurant. It remains one of the most popular dishes.

4. Black garlic bread, Gauge – It’s black, it involves garlic and vanilla, is served from breakfast through to dessert. With a cult-like status, this sweet-yet-savoury bread will make you question what you thought possible.

Gauge Cafe

5. Coconut lobster curry, Longtime – Although every menu item is die-hard delicious, ordering the the coconut and tumeric lobster curry is essential at Longtime.

6. Prosciutto pizza, Beccofino Hot tip, ask to add rocket on top and take this to the next level. Beccofino still does the best pizza and the prosciutto tops the list.

Beccofino Pizza

7. Gnocchi, 1889 Enoteca These fluffy clouds of heaven, served with pork and fennel sausage, parmesan cream and black truffle tapenade, have been the best seller on the menu for more than seven years. 

8. Burger, Ben’s Burgers – Ben’s only serves three types of burger and you can’t make alterations. Sure, add an extra patty or cheese, but don’t dare ask for no pickle. You don’t mess with perfection.

9. Pizza tartufo, Tartufo – Tartufo means truffle in Italian, and the restaurant’s signature pizza features a crust stuffed with pork sausage and truffle paste. Indulge.

10. Death Row Meal, The Survey Co – Dine here like it will be your last supper. The Death Row Meal changes daily.

11. Chocolate brownie, Dello Mano – It is said Ashton Kutcher once ordered these luxury brownies for his birthday. Take his word, they are damn fine.

Dello Mano brownies

12. Aussie Asian eggs, Billykart – Celebrity chef Ben O’Donoghue’s Aussie Asian eggs are a welcome breakfast fusion of tiger prawn, bacon and deep fried egg with oyster sauce, chilli and shizu cress. Try them at West End or Annerley.

13. Buffalo wings, Newstead Brewing Co – The ultimate beer food, these are buttery delicious, with just enough spice to make you question whether to skip the next beer and get drunk on wings instead.

14. Tonkatsu Ramen, Taro’s Ramen – On a mission to create the best ramen possible, it is close to perfection here. Bangalow pork, handmade noodles, free-range eggs and no MSG are a few reasons Taro's is best.

Taro's Ramen

15. Whisky apple, Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall – Bartenders fresh-press green apples through a juicer to make the house specialty. There is only one drink to order here.

16. Moreton Bay bug dumplings, Madame Wu – Order these four delicious bug-filled dumplings and don't even think about sharing.

17. Bombe, Stokehouse –  Sit by the river and tuck into this classic. Right now it’s frozen white chocolate parfait, strawberries and toasted meringue, but it changes.

18. Cheese toastie, The Cheese Pleaser – We couldn't pick a favourite, so instead try them all – wild mushroom and taleggio cheese, three cheese mix with jamon and oinion jam or blue cheese, smoky bacon and fresh pear. 

19. Gnocchi with kale, walnuts and truffle, Coppa Spuntino – Salty, superfoods and fluffy clouds of crisp gnocchi with a good swirl of truffle oil. What's not to love about this dish? 

20. Penny’s Big Bang, Canvas – Raspberry cheesecake cocktail. Holy wow, did we mention they put mascarpone in it? Treat yo’self.

21. Shakshuka, Naim – Tuck into Tanisian style eggs with baked in a rich tomato, capsium and spiced sauce with toasted turkish bread and olives. you can definitely lick the bowl. 

22. Wine, ARIA – It has one of the most awarded wine lists in the country, but few know there is a wine bar within to sit and sip without indulging in the menu.

23. Chocolate Cake, Bucci – “Chocolate Nemesis Del The River Café” the menu reads, giving a translation as “the best flourless chocolate cake ever”. And it’s not wrong.


24. Duck ragu, Julius Pizzeria – Little sibling to Beccofino, both share this dish that simply must be had.

Julius Pizzeria

25. Degustation, Urbane – Urbane was recently awarded three Chef’s Hats at the 2017 and 2018 Good Food Guide Awards, bumping it up from two. It’s that good. Just go.

26. Omakase course, Bird’s Nest Yakitori – Get acquainted with authentic Japanese yakitori here. Ordering the course will get you eight meat or vege skewers.

Bird's Nest

27. Cheeseburger, Gerard’s Bar – Chefs flame the damn cheeseburger before your eyes on the bar. What’s not to love? Pair with one of the four negronis on offer.

28. Rocky road, Noosa Chocolate Factory – Once you taste the rocky road from Noosa Chocolate Factory there is no going back. A house-made marshmallow and strawberry jelly is coated with coconut milk chocolate.

Rocky road Noosa Chocolate Factory

29. Crab soufflé, Montrachet – Montrachet is so good that it doesn't open weekends. Book yourself in on a Monday night and order the souffle – you're worth it.

30. Lamb shanks, Lefkas If you’re going to eat Greek in West End (which you most definitely should) make it the lamb shanks from Lefkas.

31. Breakfast carbonara, Morning After Why had no one thought of this earlier? Crack those gooey eggs over a deconstructed mess of pasta, mushrooms and cheese.

32. Sashimi, Sake – Sashimi lovers always want the best, so head straight to Sake for a plate of fresh fish.

33. Nutella doughnut, Doughnut Time Rumour has it the Nutella-stuffed doughnut here is made up of 50 per cent Nutella. We don’t doubt it, watch a video of it being cut up here.

34. Lion King roll, Kotobuki ؘIzakayaAsk who does the best sushi in the city and there is a good chance someone will say Kotobuki. Every roll is made fresh to order, and the Lion King is what dreams are made of – cucumber, avo and crab rolled up with fresh salmon on top, dressed with cheese and mayo, then blow torched.

35. Pork knuckle and schnapps, The German Club – Take your friends on Friday or Saturday nights and enjoy the sweet pop tunes of Andrew, the multi-instrumentalist (and part-time engineer) who wears lederhosen and sings Beyoncé tunes.

36. Fat Pho, Fat Noodle – Chef Luke Nguyen’s signature beef broth is cooked for 20 hours and served in a massive bowl with thinly sliced sirloin, bean sprouts, Thai basil, fresh chilli and rice noodles.

Pho at Fat Noodle

37. Twix Cake, Chester Street Bakery – At Chester Street the cakes display will put you in awe. Choosing is the hard part, but one you won’t find elsewhere is the Twix Cake – caramel mousse, salted caramel sauce and chocolate-coated rice.

38. Gonuts, Flour & ChocolateDo yourself a favour and pay a visit. The first to bring the cronut craze to Brisbane, they've topped the cronut to bring you gonuts, we'd say they've always done them best. Not hard when the croissants are already mind-blowing good.

39. Breakfast degustation, 85 Miskin St – When you can’t decide between sweet and savoury, perhaps four courses is just the ticket. 

40. Acai bowl, Kiss The Berry – KTB does the best acai bowls in the city. First-timers should start with the original, but we won't blame you if you cave for one the seasonal specials.

Kiss the Berry Acai Bowl

41. Salted caramel gelato, La MacelleriaSay hello to Marco and Marco, two Italian gelato masters from Bologna. Things are done traditionally here.

42. Steak frites, Les Bubbles This restaurant only serves one dish, so it’s safe to say you’ll be having the steak frites. No complaints when the fries are bottomless.

Les Bubbles

43. Duck tacos, Red Hook Best paired with a pickled cheeseburger martini, the tacos (often served in a cute little "food truck") play on NYC’s street food trend of mixing Asian and Mexican cuisines.

Red Hook tacos

44. Eggs benny, Artie & Mai – Eggs benedict can be found on breakfast menus all over the city, but we’ll argue that Artie & Mai consistently does it best.

45. Dessert degustation, Bacchus – Life’s short, eat dessert first. And second. And third. And fourth. And fifth…

46. MK Special, Miss Kay’s Miss Kay’s has the marriage of perfect patty, American cheese and soft-slightly-sweet bun down pat. Add maple bacon and onion ring and it’s no wonder the MK Special is a top seller.

Burgers at Miss Kays

47. Salads, Botanica – The only place in the city to make friends with salad is Botanica. 

48. Cake, Wild Canary Winner of our hearts for prettiest cakes in the city, Wild Canary uses gorgeous edible flowers from its garden to dress up its tiered cakes.

A stunning meal prepared using local produce by Glenn Barratt of Wild Canary in Brisbane's Brookfiield

49. Cheeseburger spring rolls, Heya The best of both worlds, it is recommended only to consume these after a couple of drinks.

50. Primavera pizza, Italian Street Kitchen – a traditional Italian pizza cooked to perfection and topped with rocket and parmesan shavings. Delizioso!

One better than chicken and waffles, we think it’s safe to say Buffalo Bar is the only place to find this dish in Brisbane. It’s served with a blueberry compote and maple hollandaise.

51. Meat platter for two, Caravanserai Find a mate, grab a bottle of vino and hustle over to this Turkish restaurant for the meat platter. Meat platter is chicken skewers, beef brisket, lamb chops, haloumi, rice and dips galore. Think salty, marinated meats with plenty of sides and bread.

52. Cappuccino pop, Queen of Pops Kick on a stick, they call it. Each coffee pop has a double ristretto – perfect for getting that caffeine hit in the warmer 11 months of the year. The cappuccino pop is slightly better than the latte or long black pops as the tip gets dipped in chocolate.

Queen of Pops

53. Lemon meringue doughnut, Gluten Off, Eat Street – Fresh off the doughnut conveyor belt (the one we would love to be at the end of at all times), the hot morsel is tossed in cinnamon sugar, then lemon curd gets dolloped on before a swirl of meringue is blow torched before your very eyes. Heaven.

54. Beef brisket, Gerard’s BistroDelivered as a hunk of brisket, your waiter will quickly use two forks to pull the beef to pieces before your eyes. Similar satisfaction to watched a poached egg ooze.

55. Haloumi chips, Corbett & Claude Holy mother of chip god. Yes sticks of squeaky cheese may seen a little over the top, but the crispy haloumi chips at Corbett & Claude are no joke. Don’t offer to share.

56. Cold pressed coffee, Blackstar Nothing like a cold caffeine hit on a hot Brisbane day. Cold pressed Blackstar coffee can be found at many cafes around Brisbane. 

57. Naked Pop, Cowch There is a childlike joy in getting to choose an ice-cream pop, have it dipped in your choice of salted caramel, milk, dark or white chocolate and sprinkled with two fancy-pants toppings.

58. Nutella ice-cream sandwich, Mister Fitz – Have double the fun by squishing your Nutella ice-cream between Nutella cookies. We dare you.

59. Basket of wings, Tippler’s Tap – A massive basket of hot wings for $12? The dream. Pair with beer (obviously).

60. Sichuan style crispy beef, Sichuan Bang Bang – For the spice lovers of Brisbane, Sichuan Bang Bang combines panfried crispy beef, peanuts and dried chilli for a tastebud explosion.

61. Pavlova martini, Emporium Hotel Cocktail Bar – It’s everyone’s favourite dessert turned into a cocktail. Emporium simply can’t remove this one from the menu, it’s too good and too popular.

62. Steak, Black Hide – It hasn’t been awarded a Good Food Guide chef’s hat for the past three years for nothing. Pick your cut of world-class Stanbroke beef, order sides and sit back.

Black Hide Steakhouse

63. Smashed avo, PabloEverywhere does avo on toast, but who does it best? Here Pablo puts it on steroids with grilled haloumi, macadamia and black sesame dukkah, blasamic roasted graps, confirt cherry tomatoes, mixed salad, pomegranate and grape reduction.

Still hungry?