Denmark Hill Conservation Estate

Quarry St, IPSWICH, QLD 4305


Denmark Hill Conservation Park was established as a reserve in the 1880s. Covering 11.5 hectares, it is near Ipswich Central, offering a number of walking trails through eucalypt forest.

The park is steeped in history with the discovery of fossils and intense coalmining activity early last century. It now functions as a conservation park protecting a rich biodiversity close to the city and, remarkably, even provides a koala habitat.

Today, part of the walking trail circuits follow the former tramway along which coal skips were hauled. Coal can be seen beside the track, and there are a few concrete and metal remains near the western end of Quarry St.

Despite the area having been extensively cleared from about 1919 for mining, nature is making a comeback. The forest in Denmark Hill Conservation Park is slowly maturing, and over the coming years hollows will start to provide habitat for animals such as possums, gliders and various birds species.

Blue (Eucalyptus tereticornis), spotted (Corymbia citriodora) and rusty (Angophora leiocarpa) gums and brush box (Lophostemon confertus) grow naturally here and support a small resident koala population. Claw marks on tree trunks give the best indication that koalas are about.

Birds to watch out for include wrens, owls, kookaburras, finches, parrots and lorikeets. You may also spot the occasional water dragon sunning itself near the pond in Quarry St.


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