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Kim Duff, master craftsman in the art of traditional blacksmithing and now creator of some of the finest steel, ornamental sculptures and furnishings, integrates the practicality of steel, timber, sandstone, glass and marble.

Since completing his boilermaker apprenticeship in 1990, Kim spent time learning the art of traditional blacksmithing from his grandfather, until he embarked on establishing his business Ironic Art.

Kim's aim is to specialise in the creation of unique pieces of artwork that employ both honoured and modern methods of construction. He has gained an enviable reputation for his workmanship and quality of service.

Ironic Art's aim is to design and construct unique and unusual pieces of art using various grades of steel. All Ironic Art's artwork has been designed for individual clients seeking something both unique and visually appealing.

Each project involves consulting with the client to gain an understanding of their vision for the project. The subsequent construction employs a variety of techniques, materials and finishes to achieve a result that meets the client's expectations.

Ironic Art can handle both repetitive design features and complex one-of-a-kind designs in a timely and cost-effective manner.


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