Dayboro Art Gallery

Corner William Street and Mt Mee Road, DAYBORO, QLD 4521


The Dayboro Art Gallery is housed right on the main street of Dayboro, in the old Lawrence Thorpe's Plumber's Shop (circa 1950s) on the edge of Terror's Creek.

Inside, there are three large viewing rooms, long bench tables for the various art workshops that are run inside the gallery, and a gas-fired kiln for potters.

The original plumber's workshop was made on two levels, one section slightly higher than the rest, to keep sheets of corrugated iron above the rising water level from the nearby creek. (Lawrence Thorpe got tired of tossing out rusting sheets of iron!)

When you step up and walk inside room three, you'll notice that it slopes down the hill a little, a sign that this end of the building has sunk over time.

The stairs out the back are unique to Dayboro, they are from the old train station that used to connect Dayboro to the city. The line closed in 1955.

Currently, the building is owned and maintained by the council, however it owes its success to a dedicated group of volunteers who make sure the doors are open seven days a week.

Local artists of many disciplines use the gallery and studio throughout the week to create and exhibit their works of art inside the gallery.

Visitors are welcome to visit the friendly, casual gallery between the hours of 10am and 3pm.


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Corner William Street and Mt Mee Road, DAYBORO, 4521, QLD, Australia

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