14 South Bank snacks for under five dollars

Give yourself a much-deserved break from snack-packing on your next South Bank trip – tummies of all sizes will love these tasty morsels.

Cactus Republic
Bowl of corn chips with salsa at Cactus Republic. You can’t go wrong with chips and dip, a staple snack of any true-blue Aussie.

Hot chips from Nando’s.
Smiles abound when there’s chips to be had! You can even get peri-peri seasoning if you like a little spice in your life.

Coffee, babychino or a chocolate lick at Max Brenner. Grown-ups can enjoy a relaxed cup of coffee while their bambinos partake in a cup of yummy milk foam or a pot of creamy chocolate (or both if you’re feeling generous!). 

Protein ball
Protein ball from Boost Juice. The words ‘sweet’ and ‘healthy’ aren’t always oxymorons and Boost’s protein balls are proof of that. Perfect for keeping tastebuds of all persuasions happy, they come in nut and chocolate flavours.  

Snack bar at South Bank News Agency. If you’re searching for a good, simple snack without any fanfare, drop by South Bank News Agency. They also have cool drinks, classic ice-creams (Paddle Pop anyone?) and savoury snacks.

Frozen yoghurt or freckle pizza at Cowch.
Straight off Cowch’s special kid’s menu, these sweet treats are not only crowd pleasers, they also come in child-friendly portion sizes.

Single ice-cream scoop from New Zealand Natural. Because nothing beats a classic sugar hit in a cup or cone.

Wedges at Presto Pizza and Pasta. For a hot snack with flair, head to Presto for some piping-hot wedges. They are slightly over $5, but are well-worth the extra cash.

Mountain fresh juice at Denim Co. Quench your thirst with a fresh juice from Denim Co. – they come in apple and guava flavour.

Steamed Buns
Steamed flour buns at Bamboo Basket. Develop your palate with this quintessential Asian dish that’s light, fluffy and fun to eat.

Mixed lolly bag at The Great Aussie Sweet Company. Whether clinkers, maltsters, jelly beans, peanut brittle or anything in-between tickles your fancy, you’ll find it in this wall-to-wall sweet shop.

Biscuits at dot.espresso. The best news? You can get two of these beautiful bickies for your $5 budget!

Sushi or spring roll at Ginga South Bank. Located on Grey Street, this popular Asian restaurant even offers the added fun of collecting your snack from a conveyerbelt laden with sushi and snacks. 

Plain, cinnamon or fruit toast at Steam Café.
A favourite among South Bank’s regulars, Steam Café’s fare is simple, cheap and fuss-free.

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