Affordable eats for your next family picnic

Riverside Green

Do you prefer river views over crowded restaurants views? Take hunger off the table with a meal at one of South Bank’s picturesque picnic spots! Forget about muesli bars and Vegemite sandwiches – with the assortment of takeaway goodies around South Bank, you can pack your picnic basket en route. Bonus? No judgmental eyes when you pick up that second plate of dessert. 

The main course
Let’s be honest: we all know the main reason for a picnic, and it’s not the views. Shake out your picnic blanket on the lawns of South Bank’s Picnic Island, Riverside Green, or River Quay for a BYO meal.

With lamb yiros from The Yiros Shop, build-your-own pizzas from New York Slice, and gourmet sandwiches from The Charming Squire just some of the offerings available, there’s a main course to suit all palates and cravings!

Every superhero needs a sidekick, after all! Pair your heavy-hitting main course with the perfect buddy dish (or order enough onion rings to make a meal in itself – we’re not judging). 

For sides that can carry their weight, pick up a serve of the famous, herby chips from Grill’d, River Quay Fish’s panzanella salad, or Brooklyn Depot’s towering Garbage Fries loaded with bacon, onion strings, cheese, and frickles.

There’s not much sweeter than an afternoon in South Bank … y’know, besides an afternoon in South Bank with cake. Obviously. The best part of a picnic? No one can wave off the dessert menu.

Grab a moreish layer cake from Chester Street Bakery, or order an assortment of Doughnut Time’s clever creations. The waiter might say it’s "socially unacceptable" to have a sugar-induced nap at that fancy-hatted restaurant, but on the South Bank lawns, we’d practically call it mandatory.

Picnic tips
South Bank’s River Quay Green, Picnic Island, and Riverside Green are all licensed areas between 10am and 8pm – meaning bottles of wine are welcome at that waterfront picnic! Please note you must be over 18 to consume alcohol in the Parklands, need to be consuming food with your drinks, and must drink responsibly.

For picnics in a hurry, Popolo Italian Kitchen & Bar offers its very own pre-packed baskets! Indulge in a picnic of the South Bank restaurant’s famous antipasto platters and pizzas.

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