Fun ways to whip your workout into shape

Running Couple

For anyone like us, exercise is less of a hobby and more of an ‘I can’t believe I ate that whole cake’ necessity – and while it feels great afterwards, running for endless hours on the treadmill tends to lose its charm.

If those 2017 fitness resolutions are driving you up the wall, or your idea of burning 1200 calories is forgetting the pizza in the oven, relax: we’ve got your back. Don’t run around in circles searching for a fun workout - run to South Bank!

1. Escape the gym
Let’s face it, there are only so many times one can cope with post-traumatic stair machine flashbacks. Escape those four walls you most identify with muscle pain and take to South Bank’s breezy river walkways and leafy Parkland paths. 

2. Get competitive
Always find yourself upping the treadmill speed to match the person beside you? Pair those weekend workouts with a healthy dose of competition at South Bank’s parkrun. The free 5km run hits the ground at 7am every Saturday - find a buddy to race with or make a challenge against the clock!

3. Cut the cost
We love a good post-workout high, but those associated gym fees? Not so sweet. Let your bank account bulk as much as you do with Medibank’s free Feel Good program! Held on South Bank’s Little Stanley St lawns, you’ll find a huge range of classes – such as yoga and pilates – to suit your skill level and interests.

4. Laugh along
Forget staring at the treadmill clock waiting for the workout to end: in this age of technology, exercise apps are a must-try (if just for a giggle) - from location-tracking apps that prompt you with the sound of chasing zombies, to workout regimes that have you fighting as an actual superhero.

5. Buddy up 
Friends support your fitness goals – but true buddies drag you out the door to achieve them. Double the workout motivation with some dual training ideas. We suggest checking out river kayaking, rock-climbing on the Kangaroo Point cliffs, and – if you’re really in sync – tandem bike rides through the Parklands. 

6. Go to dinner instead
Just kidding. We said exercise, not extra fries.

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