Here's the low-down on South Bank's low-fat meals

Sashimi Salad

Worried about your waistline? Don’t hide yourself away in a calorie-free cave – with these South Bank spots offering low-fat dishes, sticking to your diet has never been easier (or, more importantly, tastier).

Kiss the Berry
Take acai of relief – top-notch brekkies aren’t off the menu! Find your low-fat fix with Kiss the Berry’s awesome acai bowls, mixed with blends of acai, bananas and berries topped with guilt-free lashings of kiwi, passionfruit, and strawberries.

San Kai
Soy, we hear you’re on a diet! Swap out the lunchtime fish ‘n’ chips and sushi roll down to San Kai. With sashimi salads and ever-addictive edamame, you won’t need to lift weights to stay in shape – just your chopsticks.

Satay Hut
Dreading a diet without those thai-riffic curries you love so much? Grab your fix at Satay Hut, where low-fat Thai beef salads, Tom Yum soup, and San Choi Bao will have you wondering if you’re really dieting at all.

River Quay Fish
Don’t spend your lunch breaks scouring through low-fat menu items – you’ve got bigger fish to fry. At River Quay Fish, you’ll find plates of natural oysters and chili mud crab swimming with flavour, not fat. 

Dot Espresso
That’s a wrap, folks! With Dot Espresso’s sandwiches, wraps, and fresh juices, hungry dieting is a thing of the past. Order a lunch plate topped with smoked ham, poached chicken breast, and your favourite salad goodies (not bacon though – sorry).

Remember: when sticking to diets, it’s all about mind over platter.

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