Magical dishes and mystical beverages at South Bank

Need a pick me up? Bring a bit of sparkle, wonderment and a dash of colour into your world with these magical dishes and mystical beverages available at South Bank.

Cowch Unicorn Cocktail

Unicorn cocktail 

Delightful and impressive, and ever-so instagrammable, Cowch’s unicorn cocktail is made up of Tanquery gin, blue curacao, lime with a rim of fancy edible glitter topped off with a sour strap.

Rainbow ice-cream cake 

Share with friends the perfect partnership of layers of rainbow ice-cream and vanilla sponge cake, topped with delicious Italian meringue. Order your rainbow ice-cream cake with a choice of three sizes from Chester Street Bakery.

Fairy godmother doughnut (vegan)

It’s all the colours of the rainbow and you can share this magic with vegan friends too! The fairy godmother doughnuts from Doughnut Time have vegan cream cheese frosting with the sugary goodness of 100's and 1000's on top.

Bacchus Petit Fours

Petit fours

There’s a magical conclusion to your meal when ordering dinner at Bacchus Restaurant! You will be treated to petit fours, a variety of dreamy, mini sweet bites to treat your taste buds.

Raindrop cake 

A Japanese sensation, jelly-like, wobbly, sweet raindrop cakes are a must-try at Harajuku Gyoza. They come in original or matcha (green tea) flavours. It will complete your belly filled with tasty gyoza.

Unicorn shake 

New kid on the block Tapi doesn’t just specialise in bubble tea, it offers the enchanting unicorn shake - a bubblegum milkshake with cream, fairy floss and the added surprise of popping candy.

Freeze-dried ice-cream

Especially for zero gravity, get off this planet like an astronaut with Astrorox freeze-dried neapolitan ice-cream dots and Astronaut mint chocolate chip ice-cream from The Great Aussie Sweet Company.

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