South Bank's best burgers - Round 2


It’s a special sort of food that can distract us from the fries on our plate. After rounding up some of South Bank’s best burgers, it became clear (mostly from the drool on our keyboards) that another meat and greet was needed. We’re diving in to South Bank’s burger with both hands, so prepare for lots of buns, and even more puns (sorry, not sorry).

Southbank Beer Garden
Lunch with a view just took on a whole new meaning. Sure, the balcony sights of South Bank beach are fab, but do they really compare with Southbank Beer Garden’s wagyu burger topped with hickory BBQ sauce? We’ll get back to you after getting all up in this grill.

The Fox Hotel
The folks at the Fox have classic pub meals down to a fine art, and when it comes to the burgers, you’ll be bacon for more before they take your plate back. From the classic, saucy wagyu and cheddar to the physical challenge of The Deuce (double meat, double cheese, double food coma), we recommend keeping breakfast light.

Hoo Ha Bar
Craving a change from the classic meat-and-cheese starring role? There’s nothing average about Hoo Ha’s towering concoctions of maple bacon and fried eggs, fried chicken and sriracha, and pulled pork and chorizo. Operating under the firm belief that no one should go without that Sunday arvo burger, there’s even a vego option topped with halloumi and baba ganoush. 

Brooklyn Depot
Here’s a tourism destination more worthy than the Empire State Building. Straight from the boroughs of New York come 12 moreish burgers, boasting juicy handcrafted patties, crispy buttermilk chicken, and indulgent creations of deep fried pork belly. Just try not to fill up on the loaded fries.

Surprised to see your fave chocoholic spot on the menu? After tasting Cowch’s specialty dessert burgers, we think it might be time for beef to moo-ve over. Ditch the cheese and bacon for Cowch’s moo burgers, made with your choice of ice cream, melted chocolate, and topping.

South Bank, you’re on a roll. A burger roll, that is.

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