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Must-do date ideas at South Bank

Whether you’re coupled up or navigating the singles scene, planning a date can be hard work. Take the stress out of it with these simple (yet incredibly fun!) date ideas.

Experience Brisbane's best view

One of the best views in Australia is right in our midst at South Bank. Make sure you pop by and soak it in.

Chicken sliders with paprika potato wedges recipe

Brighten up your evening with a fun, flavour-packed feast the whole family will love.

10 tips for healthy travel

Stay healthy, safe and energised while you’re roaming a new city, relaxing on a beautiful beach or traipsing through the rainforest. Here are some top tips to keep in mind.

10 guilt-free eats at South Bank

It goes without saying that we love food, food and more food here at South Bank. But what do you do when you’re trying to keep in shape and want to avoid the calories? Why, you pick up one of these healthy treats of course!

Where to get a smoothie at South Bank

As the weather warms up, throwing back a cool, refreshing smoothie or two becomes mighty tempting! Read on to find out where you can stock up on the fruity, refreshing, good stuff at South Bank.

Why you need to visit The Margarita Bar

Located within Mexican eatery, Mucho Mexicano, The Margarita Bar serves up (you guessed it) delicious, frosty margaritas, coupled with yummy Mexican food.

What to eat at Hello Please

There’s a new Vietnamese restaurant in town, and it is pretty spectacular. Tucked away in the corner of Fish Lane, Hello Please serves up Vietnamese classics, but with their own delicious twist.

8 things you didn't know about South Bank

South Bank is bursting with amazing secrets - from where the Streets Beach sand comes from to the history of the Arbour, here are eight things you never knew until now.

Eats to share with your kids this school holidays

Indulge the family in a food adventure this school holidays, with the multitude of menu options to fill little bellies at South Bank.