Coffee Fix

Perk yourself up with the best beans to be found in the CBD.

Coffee Collection

Coffee Anthology Photo Credit: @basketballfreak6
Coffee Anthology Photo Credit: @basketballfreak6

Anthology: a collection of literary works. Coffee Anthology: a collection of coffee. When ordering there is generally a choice of three roasts for espresso coffee, plus cold drip and cold bottled coffee. It does a mean matcha waffle too.

126 Margaret St


The Coop

Keep it casual at The Coop, a hole-in-the-wall haunt dishing out delicious coffee and freshly baked treats from Kaptain Patisserie. It’s got the usual (and mouth-watering) suspects – pies, muffins, brownies and more. 

Eagle Ln

Street Cred


Local favourite Strauss is the perfect alleyway escape for those who love a seriously good coffee. The creators of Cup and Merriweather have cultivated a vibe and a reputation for Strauss being effortlessly cool. The refined menu focuses on all-day breakfast made with seasonal produce.

189 Elizabeth St | 07 3236 5232



Take a trip to Italy without leaving the CBD with Marchetti’s chic European-inspired design. Enjoy an Allpress coffee in this lush arcade hideaway, and bask in the ambience created by renowned Optiko optometrist founder Michael Makras. 

Tattersalls Arcade 202 Edward St | 07 3003 1344

Keep it Quirky

John Mills Himself

Heritage charm works perfectly with the chilled atmosphere of John Mills Himself. The cafe rotates between favourite blends from The Single Guys, Cup Coffee Roasters and Uncle Joe’s Coffee House.

55 Elizabeth St | 0434 064 349

Technically Speaking

Toby's Estate Espresso

Toby’s Estate Espresso Bar has got coffee down to a science. Enjoy the finest specialty coffee sourced worldwide and experience Chemex, Aeropress and more.

79 Albert St | 07 3211 2484

Higher Ground

Espresso Emporium

Bask in the glow of Espresso Emporium, a ray of sunshine set above the bustling Brisbane streets. The Vittoria coffee is a perfect pick-me-up and there’s a sweet selection of treats if you’re after a little something extra.

180 Ann St

Feeling Frisky

Frisky Goat Espresso is one for the coffee connoisseurs out there, setting itself apart with organic Guatemalan single-origin beans as well as the famous house blend Sweet Cocoa. 

171 George St | 07 3210 2667

Kick It Old School

Celebrate simplicity done well at Bean. Grab a tasty Campos coffee, pop a vinyl on the record player and curl up with a book. Just like home, but better.

181 George St | 0456 183 478

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