Nominom Frozen Yogurt

131 Adelaide St, Brisbane, QLD 4000


Nominom Frozen Yogurt is the perfect place to grab a refreshing snack or a healthy dessert. With quality frozen yoghurt and mix-ins that you serve yourself, you can spoil your taste buds.

The Elizabeth Street venue offers lots of fun, fresh yoghurt flavours to enjoy, from basics such as original, strawberry, coffee and chocolate to something more adventurous including mango, pomegranate, blueberry, peach, taro and green tea.

After you have chosen your flavour, combine with any topping from the range of fruit and berries, or something naughtier such as cereals, lollies, chocolate or syrup.

Be creative and find out your favourite combo from the variety of flavours and toppings.


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131 Adelaide St, Brisbane, 4000, QLD, Australia

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