The City

The City offers a discovery in every direction. Home to over 1000 stores, including the largest range of flagship boutiques in Queensland, it is the state’s premier shopping destination. The Brisbane CBD is also a food and drink lovers paradise, with everything from burger joints and riverside bistros, to laneway bars and hidden cafes, as well as the most Good Food Guide-awarded venues in Queensland! Besides shopping and eating there’s The City Sounds free music program, countless events, a cinema, a casino, parks, galleries, performance spaces and even a bowling alley.


We take our food and drink pretty seriously here.

When it's knock off time, raise your glass to the 5.01pm club!

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Hidden Gems

Food & Drink


Hidden down a graffiti-clad laneway on George St, Bean is a hidey hole in the CBD for the caffeine lovers and the 5.01pm clubbers.

Food & Drink

Coffee Iconic

Coffee Iconic is a hidden gem along George St with its own secret garden and oasis.