Bill McCarthy

Number of years lived in Brisbane:

I’m from Mount Vernon, just north of New York City, where I was a US marine. I came to Brisbane in 1975 and I’ve been settled here ever since. I’ve seen Brisbane grow, change and develop over the years into a fantastic city.

Favourite things about Brisbane:

I love the lifestyle in Brisbane, the social life and the close proximity of the cultural places in the city. The weather is terrific and there are many parks and free events residents and visitors can enjoy.

Favourite place in Brisbane:

Since I am a music and arts fan, I really enjoy visiting the Queensland Art Gallery and GOMA, of which I am a member, as well as QPAC and its many concerts and plays. I also like listening to live music at one of the many venues in and around Brisbane, and enjoy nothing more than a laid-back atmosphere, with great music on a Sunday afternoon.

Special interests:

Major Cultural Attractions, and Wartime and "The Americans" Chapter.

I enjoy being a Brisbane Greeter because:

I love meeting other Brisbane locals and visitors from around the world who want to know more about our city. I have learnt so much from being a Greeter, and find it very valuable and rewarding when I can share this information with visitors. 

Visitor comments


Thanks to Bill for an amazing trip and stories. We discovered a lot of new places in Brisbane that we would never have discovered if left to our own devices!


Excellent experience with Brisbane Greeter Bill. Thanks so much for your passion and enthusiasm, and for welcoming us to your city. 


It’s so nice to meet someone who’s willing to give their time away freely, to share their love for their city with others. We had such a fantastic time with Brisbane Greeter Bill. Thank you!

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