Blair Allsopp

Greeter Blair Allsopp

Number of years lived in Brisbane:

I grew up in Canada and while still at university in 1975 I was given the opportunity to have “paid passage” to Australia (Queensland) to become a school teacher. In 1980 I took one year’s leave of absence, and came back 19 years later in 1999! Of course, in the meantime I met and married my Australian wife, so we’d be back and forth each year for visits. So, for 35-plus years I’ve been able to see Brisbane grow, change and prosper. It was when our daughter was born that we chose Brisbane as the best place to raise a family.

Favourite things about Brisbane:

I’d have to say family, friends, the weather, and the river. One thing these all have in common is that they are easy and accessible. Of all the places in the world I’ve lived and visited, Brisbane is by far the most relaxed and stress-free place. I also have a passion for cycling – the bikeways along the river are simply spectacular!

Favourite place in Brisbane:

For me, it has to be the city. Over the years, seeing the city evolve into a dynamic hub has been fantastic. It’s so good to see people re-entering the city, bringing with them the invigorating love of art and culture, as well as rediscovering Brisbane’s heritage. There’s a newness and excitement in the CBD that amazes me. The CBD of Brisbane is so compact that within the city you can find a wealth of experiences to entertain virtually anybody.

Fascinating fact I like to share about Brisbane:

I love telling people about the quirky facts, particularly the seemingly unplanned and serendipitous events that shaped the city. A case in point is how the streets came to be the same width as a cricket wicket…

Special interests:

Major Heritage Buildings, Public Art and Contemporary Design, Wartime and "The Americans" Chapter and cycling.

I enjoy being a Brisbane Greeter because:

I enjoy meeting interesting people, and I get a real delight out of seeing a person’s imagination spark when I tell them a story. I love introducing visitors and locals alike to Brisbane’s past, present and future and encourage them to look around, look up and look down … go forward and back in time … and enjoy our beautiful Brisbane.

Visitor comments


What a great afternoon yesterday with the amazing Blair. Kids had a blast and Carl and I loved the stories and interesting facts about Brisbane. Love it!


Blair is truly amazing! We cannot recommend him more, and want to thank him so much for giving us such an incredible insight into Brisbane.


We really enjoyed our time with Blair and his exciting and informative stories. Thank you!


I found the experience with Blair very interesting. We were taken to places we could have never found on our own.