Jeff Cornford

Greeter Jeff Cornford

Number of years lived in Brisbane:

I've lived in Brisbane all my life, other than a brief stint in London in the early '70s.

Favourite things about Brisbane:

What’s not to like about Brisbane? I love the relaxed lifestyle, the beautiful weather and of course the majestic Brisbane River. 

Favourite place in Brisbane:

I couldn’t name just one place, as I love everything about Brisbane. Brisbane City Hall is a special place for me; I love going to the West End markets on a Saturday morning, and the Powerhouse and New Farm Park on a Sunday afternoon.

Fascinating fact I like to share about Brisbane:

My Mum was introduced to my Dad while working in Brisbane Arcade after World War II. Thanks to that meeting, I am here. Brisbane Arcade holds special memories for me, ones which I like to share with visitors. 

Special interests:

Major Heritage Buildings, travel and photography.

I enjoy being a Brisbane Greeter because:

I just love showing people what a wonderful city I live in. What could be better than walking around our city telling stories and showing sites of interest? It is great to get the reactions from tourists and locals alike to what is on offer in Brisbane, and also for me to learn a little about their part of the world. It’s a fascinating experience.

Other Greeter Programs used and your experience:

My wife and I had two wonderful greets in Moscow and we still keep in touch with our two Greeters. We also had a great time in Berlin with our Greeter Peter. The Greeter Program concept is a fantastic way to be welcomed into another city.

Visitor Comments


Ron and I have lived in Brisbane all our lives but Jeff was fabulous with his knowledge and interesting stories.


Thanks so much Jeff for showing us around Brisbane. We had such a wonderful time, and really enjoyed our time spent with you!


Jeff - thanks so much for being such a wonderful Greeter! The experience was fantastic.