Sue Hammond

Greeter Sue Hammond

Number of years lived in Brisbane:

We came to Brisbane to visit World Expo '88, fell in love with the city, and never looked back.

Favourite things about Brisbane:

I love that Brisbane is a clean, safe city with a beautiful sub-tropical climate. Brisbane offers a high-quality lifestyle and is my favourite city in the world! I also love the huge variety of public art in the city. We really are blessed to have so many interesting art pieces surrounding us.

Favourite place in Brisbane:

Brisbane’s vibrant cafes are some of my favourite places in Brisbane. In unexpected locations, you can find some of the best coffee and quirky venues – you just have to know where to look … that’s where Greeters come in!

Fascinating fact I like to share about Brisbane:

The statue of Queen Victoria in Queens Park is the only statue of her in the whole of Queensland. It was after Queen Victoria proclaimed: “I would like my new state to be called Queensland” that our state got its name.

Special interests:

Public Art and Contemporary Design, Major Heritage Buildings, and photography.

I enjoy being a Brisbane Greeter because:

My favourite thing about being a Brisbane Greeter is meeting new people. I love it when visitors fall in love with Brisbane after their Brisbane Greeters experience, and I love to share with visitors and locals alike the interesting and amazing stories, buildings and public art we have in our beautiful city.

Visitor comments


The Greeter Program is excellent and our Greeter Sue did a great job. We felt proud to be Brisbane residents "showing off" our lovely city with the support of the Brisbane Greeters Program.


A highly enjoyable day. I enjoyed the casualness of it. Sue was fantastic, very knowledgeable and friendly. What a wonderful service to offer. Thank you.


Thanks so much Sue for a fantastic insight into Brisbane. We will remember this experience for a long time.