Event Submission Guidelines and Terms of Use

Event details

The VisitBrisbane website is provided as a free service for Brisbane visitors and local residents seeking leisure options in Greater Brisbane. The website curation team reserves the right to reject any event that they regard as outside of that criteria or inappropriate, based on the following general guidelines:

a) The event must be open to the public in large numbers or be presented through an established entertainment or leisure industry venue.

b) The event listing generally cannot be for a small, commercial-based client event or for purposes outside of visitation, leisure and tourism. This includes small corporate events designed purely to drive new business. 

c) The event listing cannot be a public invitation to a small gathering in a private residence.

d) The curation team will not publish an event if it has concerns about its veracity or public safety. 

e) Courses, workshops, networking events, community events, individual film screenings, garage sales and school fetes are not accepted.

While every reasonable step is taken to ensure events are legitimate, VisitBrisbane does not guarantee that and site users should use diligence and caution when deciding to attend a particular event.

Image Submission

By uploading your image(s), you consent to Brisbane Marketing using and publishing the requested content (including talent and location usage) for national and international applications for an indefinite period, without payment of any fee. Your approval also confirms that you are the copyright holder with authority to allow third parties to use the requested content. The requested content will only be used for the promotion of Brisbane and will not be used for any other purpose without the prior permission.  Notwithstanding this, you acknowledge that Brisbane Marketing is not responsible for, or liable to you, for any use of the content by third parties accessing and using Brisbane Marketing’s website or social media channels. This includes purposes such as advertisements, social media, brochures, websites, PR and any other marketing associated purpose promoting Brisbane and/or the authorised entity.