Meet Avaberee

Talented Brisbane trio Avaberée, were one of the top five finalist's for The City Sounds Competition. Avaberée (aye-va-ber-ee) is the musical offspring of skilful songstresses Genevieve, Aimee and Irena. With their fresh performance experience, quirky stage presence, and beautifully intimate sound, the band is touted as the next generation of upcoming Australian female talent. Their catchy and clever tunes have also seen the trio tour twice with Matt Corby as well as support Australia’s freshest musical faces, including Emma Louise, and Cub Scouts.  

We spoke with one of the member's, Genevieve, about the band's debut, her favourite hot spots in Brisbane, and who to watch out for within the Brisbane music scene.

How did the band get started? 
We started in High School music class, about 5 years ago. We were just mucking around for a talent comp, and then it got cancelled so we thought we’d keep on going and see what happens. 

When did you start taking it seriously?
I guess we started taking it seriously about 2 years ago. We all had just about finished studying music, and recognised that we could make a near future career out of it. We were getting a lot of good energy from people around us to pursue it. 

Does the music pay for itself? 
The times we do make a profit, it all goes back into the band which will be put towards a photo shoot or other recordings. Occasionally we might shout ourselves lunch or something.

In your early days you were part of The City Sounds program. What are your memories of playing in the Queen Street Mall?
We’ve done a few shows for The City Sounds program. We first started when we were in 2008. We were doing it quite regularly and it was really fun! It was amazing how many people stopped and took time out of their shopping to listen. We’d do three sets with similar songs and get different reactions each time. 

Do you think people appreciate the music?
I think it’s important, even if you’re just walking by, it helps you enjoy the moment. I feel revitalised when I see an emerging artist playing their tunes in front of a crowd. It definitely adds to Brisbane’s culture.

Who are the ones to watch in Brisbane?
A few of my favourite Brisbane acts are a group called MNTS (Mountains), Angharad Drake - an amazing singer/song writer, O’ Little Sister is also very talented, and Little Odessa, I’ve really been digging them lately.

Have there been any inspirational Brisbane artists?
People like Emma Louise, I think she’s really inspiring to have come so far in such a short amount of time. The Trouble with Templeton are also brilliant, along with Cub Scouts and Ball Park Music. 

How would you describe the music scene in Brisbane?
Brisbane has a clique of its own and it’s doing really well for itself, especially in the last couple of years. For a while it seemed like you needed to be in Sydney or Melbourne to break into the Australian music scene, but I don’t think there’s a need for that anymore. 

Genevieve's City picks:
Coffee – Brew
Eat –Madtongsan II 
Shopping – David Jones, QueensPlaza
Drink - Brew