Greeter FAQs

Greeters under a tree

1. What is the role of the Brisbane Greeter Program?
The Brisbane Greeters Program is an ambassador service that aims to enhance Brisbane’s image, and increase visitor and local resident satisfaction. Brisbane Greeter volunteers welcome and connect visitors, locals and new residents to our city through short walking and public orientation experiences.

Greeters offer a unique (customised, flexible, intimate, authentic) experience for visitors to connect with our city through a knowledgeable and enthusiastic local volunteer. Our volunteer Greeters will abide by the Global Greeter Network standards which are incorporated into our program policy and procedures, engage with our visitors on every level, and at all times be an ambassador for, and a positive representative of, the city of Brisbane. 

2. How often do I need to be available to take Greets?
At least twice a month. If you want to offer more time to the program, we welcome you to do so. 

3. How long do I need to allocate for a Greet?
All greets run for a minimum of two hours and a maximum of four hours. 

4. Where do we meet to begin the Greets?
Greeter’s Choice Greets: These greets depart from outside Brisbane City Hall, King George Square entrance at 10am daily, seven days a week. 
Your Choice Greets: Greets depart from an agreed public location with your visitor, at an agreed time (morning or afternoon).

5. Is there a maximum number of visitors I can take on a greet?
Yes – the maximum number is six. The Brisbane Greeters Program is a very personal "welcome to the city" experience run on a volunteer basis. This is also a shared principle of the Global Greeter Network. 

6. Do I need to contact the visitor prior to a greet?
Greeter’s Choice Greets: Bookings for these are taken online and through the Brisbane Marketing office. 
You don't need to contact the visitors before the greet. 

Your Choice Greets: Bookings for these are only taken online.
Step 1) A Brisbane Greeters coordinator will email you a Your Choice Greet booking form.
Step 2) As soon as you receive the email, please advise the coordinator if you are available to take the greet on one of the visitor’s preferred dates.
Step 3) If you are available, please contact the visitor directly via email to confirm meeting date, agreed public location meeting point, and meeting time. You should also address special needs or requirements with the visitor.
Step 4) Once you have received confirmation of meeting details with the visitor, please email the details to [email protected]

7. What training will I receive as a Greeter?
Induction training is held on a quarterly basis, which covers Brisbane Greeters operational information, the role of a Brisbane Greeter and customer service training. Greeters are also given a comprehensive support package of training support notes based on Brisbane’s experience mix, and to aid Greeters in their greet planning. Following induction training, new Greeters must attend three observation greets with an experienced Greeter, and attend ongoing core training initiatives and famils. 

8. Do I receive expenses?
We will reimburse you for any public transport used to get to the greet, during the greet and getting home from the greet, as well as any public transport used to get to and from any Brisbane Greeters special initiatives and official training famils. Anything else is at your expense. 

9. Do I need to be prepared for all weather?
Yes please. We will endeavour to carry out greets in all weather – rain, hail or shine. Greeters must be prepared and have a wet-weather contingency plan, so the visitor’s experience can still go ahead. 

10. What happens if I have an emergency and can’t take the scheduled greet?
If the emergency arises prior to the day of the greet, please telephone the office and we will notify the visitors. It is important that our Greeters are reliable and do not cancel greets except in cases of genuine emergency.

Greeter’s Choice Greets: If an emergency arises, meaning you will not be able to carry out the greet, please telephone the Brisbane Marketing office to let us know. If the emergency occurs on the weekend, please telephone your visitors and also email the Brisbane Marketing office [email protected] 

Your Choice Greets: If an emergency arises, meaning you will not be able to carry out the greet, please telephone your visitors to let them know. Please also email the Brisbane Marketing office [email protected] 

11. What happens if I am sick and am unable to take the scheduled greet?
If you are feeling sick and are rostered on to take a greet the next day, please let us know in advance so we can make alternative arrangements. If you wake up sick on the day, please contact your visitors directly via the telephone, and a Brisbane Greeters coordinator via telephone (weekdays), and email (weekends).

12. Do I need to be prompt at all times?
As you are representing the city, it is important to arrive in advance of the greet commencement time. In case of unavoidable delays, please ensure you have the visitor’s mobile number with you at all times on the day of the greet so you can contact them. Please make at least one phone call to a visitor’s mobile if you are running late so the whole group can be informed. 

13. What about my personal safety?
You will be covered by Brisbane City Council’s public liability insurance for any activities carried out, as part of a greet, within this policy. However, Brisbane Greeters are not responsible for any acts that fall outside the Greeter Program guidelines.

If you exceed these limitations, you may be held personally liable for any injury to yourself or to a visitor. As your safety is of paramount importance to us at all times, Greeters are not permitted to go to a visitor’s hotel room, or invite visitors to their home. Greeters are not permitted to use their own cars while on a greet or to travel in visitors' cars. This is important as Brisbane City Council insurance will not cover you or the visitors in the event of an accident.

14. What steps should I follow if an emergency, such as an accident affects one of my visitors, occurs during my greet?
The Emergency Services number 000 is your first point of call in a serious emergency/accident. Please also contact the program manager to fill in an official incident report.

15. Should I encourage visitors to use Public Transport?
The use of public transport is another shared principle by members of the Global Greeter Network and is a core value of our program. Therefore we aim to promote our accessible public transport at all times in the city. Helping visitors familiarise themselves with Brisbane’s public transport is a good way to ensure they can move easily and sustainably around the city and surrounding areas.

16. Can I accept tips?
As the Brisbane Greeter Program is voluntary, you cannot accept money or tips of any kind.
However, if a visitor wishes to express their appreciation for the Brisbane Greeters service, please direct them to the website where they can Donate Now, to assist us in funding the ongoing operations of the Brisbane Greeters Program. 

17.What do I need to do at the end of each greet?
Please encourage your visitors to visit and "like" the Brisbane Greeters Facebook page, and to share their photos/feedback with us. Greeters and visitors alike can also use #brisbanegreeters when sharing photos on Instagram, to share their experience with us and friends and family.

Greeters should make visitors aware that should they wish to express their appreciation of the Brisbane Greeters Program, they can visit the website to give a monetary donation of any amount to help sustain the ongoing operational costs of the program.

To help visitors have the most successful visit, please also answer any questions they may have, and direct them to the Visit Brisbane Contact Us form or the Brisbane Visitor Information Centre and South Bank Visitor Centre for more information about bookable products and experience in Brisbane.

18.How can Greeters provide feedback on the Brisbane Greeter Program?
We value your feedback and encourage Greeters to provide us feedback directly. We also ask you to complete an annual online Greeters Feedback Survey, which we will send to you via email.