Become a Greeter

We'd love you to join our Greeter team 

Are you a friendly, enthusiastic person that wants to share your love for Brisbane?

If the answer is yes, become a Brisbane Greeter and welcome people to our city.

As proud ambassadors for Brisbane, Greeters have the opportunity to join a team of friendly volunteers, meet other locals and new people from around the world, and share and exchange stories and passion for Brisbane.

Greeters are volunteers who give freely of their time to welcome everyone and showcase our fabulous city – a Greeter really acts as a “newly met friend”.

We ask that our Brisbane Greeter Volunteers are:

  • Passionate about living in Brisbane.
  • Knowledgeable locals, who are also willing to learn more about their city.
  • Happy to share personal stories, favourite locations and experiences.
  • Available to conduct two greets a month.

Becoming a Brisbane Greeter is as easy as completing the online application form.

You'll probably have some questions too, so please have a look through our Greeter FAQs

We recruit additional volunteer team members for the Brisbane Greeters Program during two months annually – March and September. You are welcome to submit your application form now and we will then be in contact should we wish to proceed with your application during our scheduled recruitment periods. For alternative tourism-based volunteering opportunities with Brisbane Marketing, please contact our Visitor Information Centre Management Team

We look forward to welcoming you to our team.

Greeters in St John's Cathedral

Our Greeters explain what they love about their greeting role:

Greeter Ming:
“Being a Greeter allows me to meet people from different walks of life, letting them see Brisbane through my eyes as a local.”
Greeter Claire:
“Being a Greeter has helped me to see the city in a different light, from the eyes of a visitor, and I find it satisfying to help others experience the great things there are to do and see in Brisbane.” 

Greeter Tina:
“I find this whole Greeter experience absolutely amazing.” 

Greeter Marty:
“A very enjoyable and socially engaging experience.”