Brisbane Public Transport

We have an extensive and well-placed public transport network in Brisbane, ready and waiting to help you connect to all parts of the city.

As our greets often involve a combination of short walking/public transportation orientation experiences based on special interests and places around our city, one of the first things your Greeter will offer is some insightful information on our public transport system.

While the Greeter service is a free public service, participants do pay for any public transport, food and beverage consumed, and any applicable admission fees.

Your Greeter will be able to give you an approximate cost up-front before you begin your greet.

If it’s decided between you and your Greeter that the best pathway for your greet involves using public transport, your Greeter will provide assistance regarding the most economical and convenient means.

This assistance may prove helpful even after you’ve experienced your greet, as you’ll then be able to continue to move around Brisbane with ease.