Your Choice

What are you most interested in exploring and experiencing during your visit to Brisbane? You can tell us what you’d like to see and do by booking a Your Choice Greet.

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Choose up to three interests and/or one area from the Interests and Areas menus.

Booking Guidelines:
The only way you can book is online via the Your Choice booking option – book by clicking here.
* At least seven days’ booking notice is required.
* Your experience is tailored to your Interests and Areas of choice.
* Depart from an agreed public location with your Greeter.
* Runs for two to four hours maximum.
* You can select your preferred date and either a morning or afternoon time slot – greets start between 9am and 3pm.
* You can nominate your preferred language, and special needs can be addressed.
* Greets can be booked and experienced once only.
* Subject to availability, you will receive an email confirmation from one of our Brisbane Greeters to confirm the Greet details.