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We invite you to make a donation

Brisbane Greeters are volunteers who give freely of their time to welcome everyone and showcase our fabulous city – a Greeter really acts as a “newly met friend”.

Thank you for supporting Brisbane Greeters, a highly passionate and committed team of Brisbane locals with a worldwide impact.

Launched in early 2012, Brisbane Greeters’ free public service has promoted Brisbane locally, nationally and internationally. Brisbane Greeters has also helped more than 35,000 visitors and locals to discover the diversity of city experiences on offer.

It is not only visitors who benefit from Brisbane Greeters – our city’s precincts and economy also have much to gain.

Together, and as an active member of the Global Greeter Network, we can continue to bridge cultures and create better understandings among people.

To assist us in funding the ongoing operations for this amazing free public service, please consider making a donation. You can make a donation of any amount, or perhaps a monthly recurring donation. Donations are non-tax deductible.

How to make your donation

Cheque: Mail a cheque (in Australian dollars), made payable to Brisbane Marketing, to:
Brisbane Greeters, c/o Brisbane Marketing,
PO Box 12260, George St,
Brisbane, Qld 4003, Australia

Once you have made your donation, please also let us know (via email [email protected]) if we have permission to publish your name as an “official friend” of the Brisbane Greeters cause.