World Science Festival Brisbane's Scientific Story Greets

    The World Science Festival is an incredible celebration of science, arts, and the performing arts.

    It will be held from 22- 26 March 2017 in Brisbane. View the fantastic program here.

    This is an enormous coup for the Queensland Museum to attract this world-class festival to Brisbane for a period of three years (2017 being the second year it is to be held in Brisbane) - it's a major spectacle that has never before taken place outside of New York.

    Brisbane's Scientific Story...
    Calling all science enthusiasts ... Welcome to Brisbane!

    Venus Rising

    We look forward to welcoming you to Brisbane...
    a place that has always been a leader in science...
    a place where science surrounds us but are we always aware of this? When you take a closer look at our destination, it is often astounding to find what can actually be revealed to us and when this happens we often feel a little more connected and sometimes a little more in awe!

    Brisbane Greeters are proud supporters of World Science Festival Brisbane 2017. In partnership with World Science Festival Brisbane, the Brisbane Greeters have developed a rather special "Brisbane's Scientific Story" Greeter Trail experience around South Bank Parklands, Kangaroo Point, the Brisbane Botanic Gardens and the QUT Campus - marvel at Brisbane's scientific journey and achievements ... whilst enjoying the beauty and friendliness of our amazing destination!

    Brisbane Greeters are proud to offer visitors and locals the opportunity to join a World Science Festival Brisbane's Scientific Story Greet in the lead up to, during and after the festival (from 24th February to 5th of April). The theme of these special greets is that science is all around you in our fascinating New World City … Brisbane, proud capital of Queensland.

    What are some of the Brisbane's Scientific Story Greet itinerary highlights?

    • Take a close look at South Bank's innovative water source, Rain Bank - it's long been helping to future-proof the Parklands from long-term drought conditions by capturing, storing and treating enough water to service up to 85% of the Parklands' water needs.

    • Admire and interact with some stunning pieces of public art that exemplify local science and art infusions

    • Reflect on Aboriginal scientific achievements - Australian Aborigines knew more about tides than astronomer Galileo Galilei … they are amongst some of the most advanced scientists both of our time and before our time.

    • Explore the Kangaroo Point Natural History Trail - did you know that Kangaroo Point was once the home and workplace of some of Queensland's pioneering scientists and researchers?

    • Discover how some of Charles Darwin's tortoises from the Galápagos Islands also called Brisbane home for some time!

    • Visit The Cube … it's one of the world's largest digital interactive learning and display spaces dedicated to providing an inspiring, explorative and participatory experience of QUT's Science and Engineering research. The Cube consists of 48 multi-touch screens soaring across two storeys - it's your hub for scientific and digital exploration.

    How can I book and join a World Science Festival Brisbane's Scientific Story Greet?

    Online Bookings for Brisbane's Scientific Story Greets are now open. Click here to book now and secure your spot.

    The Greet will run up to 3 hours - so please plan ahead to successfully incorporate this with your event visit.

    Book your free World Science Festival Brisbane Greet now. You can access the booking form here. If you are experiencing issues with our booking form, please contact us via email at [email protected] or by phone +61 7 3156 6364.