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Story Bridge

Story Bridge, Bradfield Highway, Kangaroo Point, Queensland 4169


Brisbane's Story Bridge opened for operation on July 6, 1940. This date came five years after construction commenced and fourteen years after initial recommendations for a river crossing at Kangaroo Point.

Essentially, the Story Bridge was one of the then governments' three major public works projects, creating years of employment for many men during the Great Depression. The Story Bridge is the largest steel bridge designed, fabricated and constructed in Australia by Australians.

Currently the bridge is repainted every seven years using 17500 litres of paint. There is approximately 105000 square metres of painted steel surfaces.

The Story Bridge Adventure Climb is one of only three bridge climbs in the world. Climbing over the steel structure gives you an incredible bird's eye view over Brisbane City, Kangaroo Point and far beyond to the distant mountain ranges and up the Brisbane River.

Beneath the bridge on the Central Business District side is Howard Smith Wharves, a historic shipyard-turned-precinct. The old warehouses have been turned into a craft beer hall and conference spaces, and there are new build bars, cafes and restaurants along with open parkland.


  • Disabled access available, contact operator for details.


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Story Bridge, Bradfield Highway, Kangaroo Point, 4169, Queensland, Australia

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