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Walter Taylor Bridge

Coonan st, Indooroopilly, Queensland

Can you imagine living inside a bridge pylon? Walk around and across the Walter Taylor Bridge, a bridge of state significance, and take a special peek inside the bridge pylon. Enjoy fantastic views of the Brisbane River from the pylon balcony and learn about the site’s fascinating history, including the discovery of gold and a mighty tale of lost convicts.

The Walter Taylor Bridge was included in a study of historic bridges by the Australian Heritage Commission in 1985 and entered on to the Register of the National Estate in 1988. The residences in the Bridge are unique to bridges in Australia.

The heritage-listed bridge pylon was opened for public viewing in 2013. Tours of the pylon and bridge precinct commenced by Brisbane Greeters (a local volunteer greeters program, that is a member of the Global Greeters Network) in late October 2013.


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Coonan st, Indooroopilly, Queensland, Australia

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