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75 Longland Street, 4, Newstead, Queensland 4006

Thundaball is a brand-new sport. The Thundaball court is like nothing that you have ever seen or experienced before. The game blends racquetball, squash, soccer, football, volleyball, and martial arts skills into a futuristic, hybrid sport.

Thundaball give players the feeling and excitement of a Boxing or UFC bout ‘without’ the physical contact from other players. It’s the world’s 1st martial arts (no contact) ball game. You can hit as hard as you want without getting hit back, so it is very safe for 7-to-70-year old’s.

This game will improve your cardio fitness, shred calories and have you laughing the entire time.

Easy to play but hard to master, the game is rapidly developing a strong fanbase.

Played with boxing gloves and a large soft ball inside a court, Players kick, punch, elbow knee the ball against the back wall to score points. Surrounded by a net cage the court provides amazing rebounds off every surface including the net ceiling, providing a dynamic, action packed game to watch or play.


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Indicative Prices
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75 Longland Street, 4, Newstead, 4006, Queensland, Australia

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