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Sky Dance takes guests on adventure flight getaways around Southeast Queensland, and also to further parts of Australia. Sky Dance Aims to wow and inspire its guests with experiences that they will remember for a lifetime. Scenic Flights, Weekend Getaways, and Outback Air Safaris - discover Australia with Sky Dance!

No matter the experience, be it exploring the Great Australian Outback, romantic getaways to vineyards, hiking and rock climbing in the mountains, or exploring the beaches and islands, the delivery is done with knowledgeable passion and enthusiasm - each guest aiming to be delighted and inspired.

Tours & Rates

Discover Lake Eyre - Outback Air Safaris
Sky Dance flys a number of incredible 3 to 7 day Outback Air Safaris. These trips are all-inclusive once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

The nature of the trips see you experiencing the real communities, small stations, and legendary iconic attractions that would otherwise take weeks or months to see if traveling by land.

Contact them by phone or view their website for upcoming dates.

Discover Lake Eyre - 5 days seeing the iconic western Queensland locations and beyond.

Lake Eyre and Uluru Outback Air Safari - 6 days seeing Uluru, Kings Canyon, Lake Eyre and beyond.

The Outback Explorer - 6 days seeing Carnarvon Gorge, Lake Eyre, and some real adventure hiking and exploring.

Tasmanian Treasure - 6 days seeing much of Australia's most spectacular wine country and exploring the island of Tasmania.
Price: $6800 - $8800
Discounts can apply to group bookings. Trips require minimum numbers to be met. Contact them for further details. Dates and descriptions available on their website.
Mountain Winery Experience | Stanthorpe Winery Experience
Discover the vineyards and national parks of the beautiful Granite Belt on the Sky Dance Stanthorpe Winery Experience or Mountain Winery Experience in the Scenic Rim. These tours will give you the chance to taste local wines and food produced specially for you. See beautiful scenery on the way there, immerse your senses and tastebuds with an all inclusive tour and relax on the trip home. This is the true Sky Dance Experience.

*Scenic Rim - Mountain Winery Experience only offered during the months of May through September.

Stanthorpe is a beautiful ~24 celcius during the at times very hot months of Brisbane Summer. Less than a 30 minute flight lands you in one of the most beautiful wine regions in Australia.
Price: $230 - $430
Mountain Winery Experience - Scenic Rim: $699pp Offered only between the months May-September Shorter experience duration Stanthorpe Winery Experience - Granite Belt: $1200pp Offered all year with beautiful temperatures throughout summer
Scenic Flights - Brisbane City | Glasshouse Mountains | Bay Islands | Border Ranges and Mt Warning
A Sky Dance scenic flight is an introduction to the wonder of flight and is the best way to get to know Brisbane and it's surrounding wonders. These are absolutely stunning flights and a must do for anyone living here or travelling through.

All scenic flights begin at the Archerfield Jet Base with a presentation on the spiritual and geological history of the area. Enjoy fresh espresso, chocolates, and refreshments, before boarding their VIP turbo-charged aircraft.

All of these mountains are ancient volcanic rock structures and are considered sacred spiritual icons dating back to the Dreamtime by Australia’s Aboriginal / First Nation People. They are also National Heritage Listed and are an international icon of the area.

Ask about a custom luxury picnic or hiking and rock climbing packages to compliment the thrill of the experience! This is the perfect way to reconnect with friends and family or take that special someone on a date they will remember for the rest of their life. Inquire for details.
Price: $230 - $430
Cost depends on the duration of the flight.


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Experiences you can enjoy:
  • Adventure
  • Family
  • Nature & Wildlife
Activities you can engage in:
  • Rock Climbing


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