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Di Bella Coffee Factory Tours and Training

82 Abbotsford Road, Bowen Hills, Queensland 4006


The Di Bella Roasting Warehouse and Retail Showroom is a coffee lover's dream, where each visit will present you with the opportunity to be a part of the Ultimate Coffee Experience. The Roastery is a hub for coffee aficionados that will engage your senses and take you on a journey of coffee from Crop to Cup.

As part of Di Bella Coffee's dedication to education and expertise, they offer a range of dedicated factory tours and training courses aimed to provide the fundamentals of coffee education.

Their training studio provides all home baristas the opportunity to refine their coffee making talent. Simply bring in your domestic coffee machine, and learn techniques to froth silky milk and perfect the extraction process.

You can sample their vast range of freshly roasted coffee blends or sit down and enjoy the aroma of roasting beans and the atmosphere of this bustling coffee hub.

They also stock a wide range of domestic coffee machines and accessories so that you can craft the perfect espresso in the comfort of your very own home.

Come in and see their friendly staff and enjoy a coffee or partake in one of their tours or training sessions.

Tours & Rates

Coffee Appreciation Course
Deepen your love of coffee in a relaxed, highly informative and hands on class, featuring the coffee growing process from cultivation and harvest through to extraction on a commercial coffee machine. This course has a strong focus on single origins and the various characteristics each region contributes to a coffee flavour. You will also identify the key variables that affect the taste of your coffee, and learn to understand how these variables will affect the result in the cup. This course includes approximately 1.5 hours hands on training with an espresso machine to practice what you have learnt.

Discover the art of blending and roasting and learn about Di Bella Coffee's crop to cup philosophy. On completion participants will have a much greater understanding of coffee appreciation, origins, blending and roasting and extracting through an espresso machine. This course includes a complementary From Crop to Cup Book and 250 grams of one of their signature blends.

Courses run every Saturday, phone bookings essential. Minimum three people.

Payment must be made prior to commencement of all courses and tours.
Price: $130
Domestic Machine Training
Di Bella Coffee aims to improve coffee standards in homes and cafes by providing education on all aspects of coffee and its use. They are always happy to take a hands-on approach to teaching you how to use your coffee equipment, offer advice or give tips on how to make that elusive 'perfect' cup of coffee.

They encourage their customers to bring their equipment in to the Di Bella Coffee Roasting Warehouse at Bowen Hills for complimentary training about professional usage and cleaning of your home machine.
Price: $0.01
Complimentary Training
Factory Tour
Take a tour of the Di Bella Coffee Roasting Warehouse Factory. See the process of Roasting, Packing and Distribution that Di Bella use to ensure their customers are receiving the best product available.

Learn about the history of coffee, harvesting methods and bean origins, blending and roasting procedures, distribution and Di Bella Coffee blend profiles, coffee tasting/ demonstration.
Price: $15
Latte Art Course
Learn to master the art of pouring the perfect cup. Mastering the elusive pouring technique will allow you to create your own designs or re-create the traditional rosetta heart or swan in a fun and inter-active two-hour program!

Included in this course a full factory tour, a complete demonstration of the milk texturing process, an introduction to the fundamentals for the perfect latte, grinder calibration and correct coarseness of grind, milk texturing and the pouring techniques, traditional latte art designs, etching and free pouring. Learn how to create your own masterpiece and how to clean the machine.
Price: $110


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