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Electric Bike Tours

177 Gladstone Road, Highgate Hill, Queensland 4101


They are a friendly group of tour guides that want to give visitors the best scenic and eco-friendly tour in Brisbane.

Their electric bike tours provide a great way to explore and see beautiful parts of the city. Their tours are guided by locals with a love for biking, who will tell you some history and also the places where the locals go.

Their tours are designed for visitors and locals . If you are a local and you would like to test ride an electric bike and have a nice afternoon tea down by the river, they can do that for you too!

They also believe that adventure is not only for the youngest and fittest, that is why all fitness levels are welcome.

Tours & Rates

Brisbane City Sight Electric Bike Tour
Explore Brisbane’s popular attractions on a guided two-wheel adventure. Don’t fret over your fitness—simply hop on a bike equipped with an electric motor and pedal.

Enjoy a quick safety briefing, then take a relaxing cruise down a shared bicycle path with gorgeous riverside views. Stop for photos, learn about the city’s architecture, and admire the skyline, the Story Bridge, and other downtown sites.
Price: $65


Experiences you can enjoy:
  • Sports
Activities you can engage in:
  • Cycling


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177 Gladstone Road, Highgate Hill, 4101, Queensland, Australia

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