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Discover the best fishing spots in Brisbane

Go fish. Put away the playing cards and get out into Brisbane's blue unclouded weather, purpose-built for fishing. It doesn't matter if you're an avid angler or a fingerling at fishing, grab a rod, hand reel, Esky, hat, sunscreen and some bait and get ready to catch some local finned friends. We've got some cracker Brisbane fishing spots that will catch your attention, hook, line and sinker. So, gear up for some family-friendly fun and find out where to go fishing in Brisbane.

Land Spots

Hornibrook Bridge | Redcliffe, Moreton Bay Region

Although this bridge is no longer bridging the gap, its preserved archway provides a lookout with glorious views onto North Pine River and Bramble Bay.  This junction, where the river meets the bay, makes for excellent fishing. The pylons offer an ideal habitat for fish to lurk and the current refreshes the area with scores of whiting, bream, flatheads and the occasional bull shark.

Known for: Whiting and Bream.

Bait: Blood or beach worms.

Shorncliffe Pier | Shorncliffe

Beside Moora Park is Shorncliffe Pier, one of the longest recreational piers in Brisbane. You'll be 'breaming' with joy at this spot, with epic sunrise and sunset views and plenty of space to set up then cast off.  If you are unlucky and don't hook anything, visit Sinbad Street. Here you can purchase fresh, trawler-caught seafood and mourn the one that got away - we promise we won't tell anyone you didn’t catch it yourself.   

Known for: Yellowfin Whiting, Winter Whiting, Tailor, Bream, Flatheads and Garfish.

Bait: Prawn, pilchard or light plastic lures. 

Boggy Creek Entrance | End of Sandmere Road, Pinkenba

Boggy Creek is a small arm that runs off the Brisbane River. There are a few choice spots for land fishing, but we recommend starting at the mouth and working your way back along the creek. The best time to fish here is a couple of hours either side of high tide. There are several more access points further downstream near Piped Road if you are looking for something more secluded. 

Known for: Flathead, Bream and occasional Threadfin Salmon and Jewfish. 

Bait: Plastic lure (Minnow lure), plastic creature baits, fresh prawns or worms.

Cameron Rocks Reserve | Hamilton

Don't get caught out fishing from the bank, here in Hamilton you will find a fishing platform and picnic area to make your casting experience that little bit more comfortable. This area has stronger currents that can make lure fishing difficult, but if you are up for the challenge, it's well worth the visit. 

Known for: Yellowfin Bream, Flathead and Mangrove Jack in summer.

Bait: Soft plastic critter lures.

Redcliffe Jetty | Redcliffe, Moreton Bay

How deep is your love for this jetty? One of Moreton Bay Region’s most identifiable landmarks and past stomping grounds of the iconic band the Bee Gees, this fishing spot holds a special place in locals’ hearts. This location is one for families and friends with a large covered area to set up in halfway down the jetty. Grab a hand reel and relax while you wait to catch your dinner.  

Known for: Whiting and Bream.

Bait: Blood or beach worms.

Newstead Park Jetty | Newstead

Breakfast Creek to Newstead House is a land-based school of activity for anglers. Where the Brisbane Rivers bend meets Breakfast Creek, a deep hole with strong currents has formed, a perfect fish hideout. During the slack tides, you will get some easier fishing, so check the tidal schedule. The jetty is the ideal spot for night time fishing and works with both live and dead baiting.

Known for: Snapper, Jewfish, Mullet, Bream, Cod and Catfish.

Bait: Blood worms and live bait of Mullet, herring and prawns.

Woody Point Jetty | Moreton bay

This jetty is one popular spot as it offers a decent catch all year round. Experienced and beginners are welcome here as there is a lot of real estate to claim with your fishing set up. Anglers can fish from the jetty into deeper water, and incoming tides bring in new schools of fish to try and hook. 

Known for: Bream, Flatheads and Tailor.

Bait: Prawns, strip bait and pilchards.

Gateway Bridge | Nudgee

Fish here during the turn of the tide. Find a comfy spot under the bridge at the base of the columns and settle in Huckleberry Finn style. The strong currents are brutal here so outside of the turn you'll be fighting hard to get anything to pay attention. Around the pylons, at night you'll have more of a chance for Mangrove Jacks and Threadfin Salmon. 

Known for: Threadfin Salmon, Mangrove Jacks, Mulloway and Catfish.

Bait: Strip bait.

Wynnum Jetty | Wynnum

The Wynnum Jetty juts out over the bay and offers anglers access to deeper water compared to most jetties in Brisbane. With two undercover pergolas, you need to get there early for a prized spot to set up, kick back and relax while you wait for the fish to bite.  

Known for: Bream, Flathead, Whiting and occasional Trevally.

Bait: Squid jig or prawns.

Wynnum Creek | Wynnum

If things get a bit busy at the jetty, you can always walk further down the esplanade to the opening of Wynnum Creek. Follow the bend of the creek and find a ‘perch’ on the rock wall that hugs the bank. This is a popular shallow water spot for anglers. When you cast, be careful of the water weed that can snag your line.  

Known for: Bream, Whiting and Flathead.

Bait: Popper lures, worms and prawns.

Wellington Point Jetty | Redlands

This iconic wooden jetty is 22km southeast of Brisbane and is the perfect place to commune with nature and babysit a fishing rod for the day. Set the kids up along the railing to catch anything prowling close by or, for the more experienced, cast off into deeper waters and see if you can land a Bream or two.

Known for: Flathead, Bream and Snapper in the colder months.

Bait: Lures, live or weighted dead bait. 

West End Riverside Lands Park | West End

This inner-city suburb is packed with culture, weekend markets, amazing places to dine and great fishing spots along the river. West End has a quirky local vibe and boasts an awesome fishing platform in Riverside Lands Park. Drop in a line, feel the serenity and watch the local birdlife wing across the river.

Known for: Bream, Flathead and Catfish.

Bait: Small hard body lures and prawns.

Manly Boat Harbour Rock Wall | Manly

This spot is excellent for fishing two hours either side of the tidal change. Make your way along the rock wall that extends out into deeper waters and cast off. If you want to miss the busy times visit at night and try with strip mullet bait for better quality fish. If you are up for the later night fishing time, make sure you wear appropriate safety gear and it's best to go with a buddy.  

Known for: Bream, Flathead, Trevally and Cod. 

Bait: Strip bait, prawns, worms and squid.

Boat Spots

Port of Brisbane

The river mouth and port region are hot property for local anglers. This spot is for those wanting to do a spot of sport fishing. With good tidal flows and much deeper water, you will find it a battle to reel anything in. If you can’t get a bite here, check out one of the many piers in this area, make your way down to the submerged rock wall at Pinkenba or head to the mouth of Boggy Creek. Check the signage along the way to make sure you are in a fishing zone. 

Known for: Threadfin, Salmon, Mangrove Jack and Jewfish.

Bait: Jigs, soft plastics, live Pilchards or mullet strips.

Peel Island | Moreton Bay

Situated in Moreton Bay, east of Brisbane you will find Peel Island (Teerk Roo Ra), known for its stellar fishing, tranquil waters and views across the bay. The island is accessible by watercraft only, and you will find most visitors make their way to the sandy beach area in Horseshoe Bay to anchor and shelter from the northerly winds. You are going to want to make your way to Peel Artificial off the Cleveland Point. We recommend the Cleveland Boat Ramp or go further up to the Raby Bay Boat Ramp to launch into the bay. 

Known for: Pink Snapper, Moses Perch, Bream, Tailor, Grassy Sweetlip, Parrot Fish and Spotty Mackerel.

Bait: Soft plastics, prawns and squid.

Harry Atkinson Artificial Reef | Moreton Bay

Affectionately known as Harry’s Reef, this hotspot boasts an underground playground for fish. First created in 1975 when 17,000 old car tires and 200 shopping trolleys were sunk to create a new fish habitat. Since then the reef has been further developed by reef conservation teams with quarried rock, a sunken trawler boat (The Tiwi Pearl) and a 60t barge for fish to hide. This reef has since flourished and is an ideal location to drop anchor or drift as you trail a line in the water.    

Known for: Snapper, Bream, Moses Perch and Parrotfish.

Bait: Soft plastics, prawns and squid.

Mud Island | Moreton Bay

Just 5km from the Brisbane River mouth you will find Mud Island. Easily accessible by boat and with a variety of fishing depths you can net a variety of fish. Try the patchy reef or go to deeper waters at the drop off.  With several fishing zones on the south, north and west you will find this one a popular stomping ground. 

Known for: Snapper, Bream Mackerel, Tush Fish, Cod, King Fish and Squire.

Bait: Soft plastic lures or pilchard bait in deeper water. 

We’ve scaled Brisbane for the best angling spots for your fishing adventures. Let us know if any other spots have hooked your fancy at [email protected] 


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