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Spook yourself: where to join haunted ghost tours in Brisbane

Think Brisbane is a modern, clean 21st century city? Well, yes it is – but it also has a deep, sometimes dark, history lingering in the shadows. Spines will be shivering when you come face to face with a ghost, sinister presence or perhaps just a cool breeze – either way these ghost tours are intended to spook even the bravest of souls. 

Boggo Road Gaol Ghost Tour

Boggo Road Gaol

Boggo Road Gaol housed many prisoners, some of which never left the enclosed walls. Hear all about murderers and other disembodied prisoners who never accepted their release date and were instead trialed and hung inside the prison walls. The cold halls, lonely cells and sordid history make for vivid historical viewing, so join in and learn about what goes bump in the night at the prison.

Haunted Brisbane Ghost Tour 

Choose from the coach tour or walking tour, but be warned, both are equally spooky. Walk through the streets of Brisbane’s CBD while you listen to ghost stories and visit real haunted sites or take the coach tour and visit four haunted spots around Brisbane, including after-hours access to the Christ Church graveyard.  

South Brisbane Cemetery Ghost Tour

As one of the oldest and largest cemeteries in Queensland, South Brisbane cemetery has seen it all and lasted through storms, vandalism and floods –yet the haunted souls continue to stay. Gravediggers don’t like it, but the tour guides do as they watch you shiver in your boots while they tell stories of many cemetery dwellers who failed to move on. 

St Helena Island Ghost Tour 

If you love a good ghost story, book in for the St Helena Island Night Ghost Tour and prepare to hear stories of prisoners who continue to haunt the small island. To make the experience spookier, the stories are told in the ruins of a maximum security men’s prison and prison cemetery – be prepared for the unexpected. Here's hoping you make it off the island alive.  

Toowong Cemetery Ghost Tour

More than 120,000 souls are buried in Toowong Cemetery, but not all have crossed to the other side. A tour guide will take you on an eerie trail and retell the stories of dead governors, murderers, black widows and buried boxers, all who came to rest on spook hill. Don’t be afraid, but you may spot the silhouette of a woman wandering the avenue around her grave.

Haunted Redlands Ghost Tour 

Head to the city that could have been the capital of Queensland – lucky it isn’t because there are too many souls haunting the area. Discover this beautiful area of the Great South East and find out why you won’t want to visit again as the tour guides takes you through the haunted Redlands past.  

Nundah Cemetery Ghost Tour 

Walk amongst people who were buried as early as 1846. Spanning only a few acres means every bit of graveyard has been used, so watch where you walk as you are walking over some graves of those laid to rest.  The ghost stories won’t make you feel any more at home but listen as stories of poisoned chocolate, ghost ships and premonitions are told.  

Ipswich Cemetery Ghost Tour

Ipswich Cemetery

Opposite an old mental asylum lies six acres of Ipswich cemetery, home to many souls and many ghosts alike. Hear thirteen real ghost stories of haunted graves and sites around Ipswich that involve business tycoons, convicts and bushrangers. 

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