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Hatch that egg: ultimate Pokémon Go routes in Brisbane

Calling all Pokémon trainers! We get it, we really do – you need to acquire all the pokéballs, hatch those eggs, strengthen your pocket of Pokémon at gyms and eventually catch 'em all. Ideally you want to know where people are likely to drop lures and where rare Pokémon have been spotted.

Visit Brisbane's resident geek and ultimate Pokémon trainer Dylan Shearer has kindly penned his knowledge with this Pokéwalk guide that will take you past plenty of landmark Pokéstops, gyms and popular hunting grounds that'll have you hatching eggs with the best use of your time in Brisbane. 

It might be winter but Brisbane is red hot with Pokémon fever.

Pokemon Go at King George Square

2km walks

The 2km walk. It’s just long enough to hatch an egg and take up half of a lunch break. Because they’re so short and easy to do, we’ve included a few options for you. These routes can net you the best results if you stock up on Pokéballs and drop an incense and a lucky egg before you begin. 

Brisbane CBD

This is the standard Brisbane CBD route. You start at the bottom of the Queen Street Mall and make your way up towards the casino. Once you hit George St, you take a left and walk down to Mary St, though, if you’re up for a battle, you could spend a few minutes on the corner of Elizabeth and George streets trying to take over the gym at the Treasury Hotel (unless you’re team Valor… then you would probably be able to drop one of your Pokémon in seeing as the red team control it most of the time). 

Once you reach Mary St, hang a left and make your way down a block towards Albert St. Once there, turn back up Albert St, past the coffee shops, cafes and takeaway joints until you hit Elizabeth St again. If you’re up for another battle, there’s a gym at the Pride statue on the corner of Elizabeth and Albert streets. 

Once you’ve taken it over (or given up) move up Elizabeth St towards Eagle Street Pier. When you reach the Post Office lane, take a nice walk through the cobbled laneway and then across Post Office Square (which is usually teeming with lures during business hours courtesy of our fellow trainers who are shackled to their office desks) and then down one of the stairways onto Adelaide St. Finally, make your way towards the river then turn left on Edward St. It’s just a short walk past Jamie’s Italian to your starting point and, now that it’s been 2kms, your lower eggs should be hatching.

South Bank

This route is super simple. All you have to do is follow the path around South Bank. The route mapped out below starts from the Goodwill Bridge but you can start anywhere you want and make the loop, maybe around Stanley St so that you can end on a beer or some chocolate, or a Pokéball-themed Nutella-filled doughnut from Doughnut Time (in fact, you can get them at all DT stores).

Doughnut Time Pokeball doughnut

This route takes you along the river path so that you can see the city across the river before turning inwards and following the gorgeous, purple-flowered Arbour through the parklands. If you want to take a break, stop at what has become an unofficial Pokémon Go congregation point on the Clem Jones Promenade by the river. Lures are dropped here nearly 24/7 by fellow trainers and a Dragonite has been in the area more than once since the game launched.

Roma Street Parklands

Who knew there was so much to see at Roma Street Parkland? If you need to crack a 2km egg, then a looped walk around the gardens is certainly a great way to hatch it. You can enjoy the different plant life throughout the park while occasionally glancing at your phone to catch your 132nd Pidgey. This route doesn’t have a lot of Pokestops so do yourself a favour, turn on Battery-Saver mode and throw the phone in your pocket. It will vibrate if a Pokémon appears and you can fully appreciate the vibrant colours around the gardens.  Side note, catching Pokémon with AR mode on during the day in the park is amazing.

5km walk

So you want to hatch a few more eggs huh? Well try this one on for size. This 5km walk will net you a healthy range of Pokémon and crack two out of the three possible egg sizes. You start at the bottom of the Queen Street Mall and walk your way up towards Brisbane Square, before crossing the Victoria Bridge into South Bank. From there, you make your way down beside river, through the unofficial Pokémon Go heartland of Brisbane, and back to the CBD via the Goodwill Bridge. From there, you cross into the City Botanic Gardens and follow the path down the river.

Exit the gardens onto Edward St and make your way back towards Queen St, but before reaching it turn right up Charlotte St. Head through St Stephen’s Cathedral grounds and through the laneway to Post Office Square (if you're hungry there are plenty of lunch choices). From here use the pedestrian subway under Adelaide St, popping out in Anzac Square. Head through this square and up the staircase of the Shrine of Remembrance onto Ann St. Wander left down Ann St until you hit King George Square. Cross through here and head back to the mall.

Pokemon Go at Queen Street Mall

This route not only allows you to hatch the 5km eggs, but it also crosses some pretty active lure points. It’s rare to find Post Office Square, South Bank or the middle of Queen Street Mall without a lure so make sure you stock up on Pokeballs before making this route. Despite crossing a lot of pokestops, you could still run out of items if your catching game isn’t up to scratch. 

10km walk

This is it – the granddaddy of all Pokewalks. You will hatch every egg in an incubator, maybe more if you keep those incubators full. Don’t take this route lightly, you’re looking down the barrel of a two-hour time frame so do yourself a favour, hire a CityCycle and stop at a few times along the route to do some catching.

This route takes you from the bottom of Queen St, up to Brunswick Street Mall in Fortitude Valley, and back through Spring Hill where you can drop off your bike and have a walk through Roma Street Parkland. After that, pick up another CityCycle (you need to return the bikes every 30 minutes) out the front of Roma St transit station, and continue down George St before turning crossing through Brisbane Square (Redacliff Place) and over Victoria Bridge towards South Bank. 

In South Bank follow the Clem Jones Promenade through the aforementioned unofficial Pokémon Go hotspot, before once again crossing the river into the City Botanic Gardens via the Goodwill Bridge. After a few turns within the gardens, exit via Albert St and make your way down past the gym on the corner of Albert and Charlotte streets. 

Once you’ve finished the battles (or, once again, given up), drop your bikes off at the CityCycle station on Queen Street Mall in Albert St and make your way on foot towards George St, where you can battle yet another gym. Finally, make your back up George St until you reach the mall and head on through to Edward St. 

Voila. 10kms successfully conquered, several Pokémon hatched and a lot more captured. 

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