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Spend 24 hours around Caxton Street and the Barracks

The Caxton Street precinct has always been a hive of excitement and entertainment in Brisbane's inner-north. Easily accessible via public transport and bordered by the city and Suncorp Stadium, it has long been the destination for a pre- or post-game beer or late night boogie.

Recent times have seen the street and its surrounds gain a sense of sophistication. The redevelopment of The Barracks at the street's top end and the establishment of a few popular bars, restaurants and a stunning five-star boutique hotel have all contributed to this.

With that in mind, here’s our go-to list for a dawn 'til dawn outing at Caxton Street and the Barracks.

The Barracks precinct off Petrie Terrace


Known for its pubs and nightclubs, Caxton Street might not seem like a go-to for brekky but along Petrie Tce you’ll find a couple of breakfast gems. Scout is close to Caxton Street and serves some of Brisbane’s best coffee as well as an all-day breakfast menu full of old and new favourites.


Now, how to while the morning away like the bombshell that you are? Hit the Brooklyn Beauty Bar and have pretty things done to your nails and lashes of course! This truly is an experience, but beware never again will a manicure sans champagne be an option after a visit here.

If your beauty is the bearded kind, Jimmy Rod’s is well worth a visit. These guys also understand the importance of a slick do and a well-kept chin curtain and will have you leaving Gosling-esque in no time.

Now that you’re Hollywood ready, time to head up to the Palace Cinemas, that sit high above the Barracks mall. Treat yourself to a cheese platter, wine or beer and watch something a little more thoughtful than what you might catch at your local shopping centre cinema. Palace specialise in foreign and arthouse film, but don’t worry, you’ll still be able to catch the latest Bond if that's more your speed.


You'll want to debrief after that cinema experience, and not just about the sangiovese. Lunch is calling and Libertine is ready and waiting to hook you up. The French Vietnamese menu is also built for sharing and there’s always something special to try. Sit outside in the garden for some people watching and make sure you try the pork belly.



After lunch, it’s time to get a little active to work off all of that delicious food. Head down Caxton Street to the Ithaca baths, a 25m swimming pool nestled among fig trees. There’s lots of shade, chairs, grass and even a snack bar so you could spend a whole summer’s day here just jumping in and out of the pool as it takes your fancy!

Once relaxing by the pool is done, a champagne or cocktail must be had to wake you back up. Head along Petrie Terrace to to find Jessie's Girl for Euro-style share plate dining and drinks. 



It's dinner time and you’ve certainly earned it. Pop into Fritzenberger for fine American fare, home brews and twistie salted chips. Twistie salt I said! Brewski is another great little spot just down the way with American-style eats and some serious craft beer clout. Both of these are fabulous places to watch the evening foot traffic pass you by.

If your pub sport included a wager and you're looking to splurge, treat yourself to one of Brisbane’s best steaks at Black Hide on Caxton Street, or some of Queensland’s best seafood at the iconic Gambaro Seafood Restaurant.

Drinks and dancing

Here we are again, full of food and with a need to work it off. Anyone in Brisbane will tell you the dancefloor at Lefty’s is like no other. Dirty southern soul, hick country beats or good old rock music will have you bopping around in no time. If you need a change of pace head upstairs to the Mermaid Bar, park yourself in a big comfy booth and sip away on a whiskey and apple juice.

'Til dawn

The Caxton Hotel, Brisbane

Like any respectable Brisbanite your night will finish dancing to '90s R&B at the Caxton Hotel. Don’t ask questions. Don’t fight it. Then, once you've danced until you can dance no more, crash in your heavenly suite that you so intelligently pre-booked at the Gambaro Hotel. You'll thank us for that tip!

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