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Gap Creek Reserve

Gap Creek Reserve is an expanse of beautiful bushland close to the centre of Brisbane and one of the highlights of the region’s mountain-biking options. You’ll find open parkland, tables and shelters but this area is best known for its bike trails.

How to get to Gap Creek Reserve

The reserve is just 13km by road from the CBD, or 15km if you stick to dedicated bikeways. This makes it some of the easiest-to-access mountain biking in the area. You have two options to start from -  the Gap Creek Rd car park, which is where Google Maps will naturally direct you, or Bielby Rd, Kenmore Hills, on the other side of the reserve. Look for Bielby Road Bike Track Entrance or Bellbird Trail Start online or follow Beilby Rd the whole way around to Torridon Close. Gap Creek Rd is the more commonly recommended option.

Mountain biking at Gap Creek Reserve, Mount Coot-tha

Gap Creek Reserve is a scattered bushland with several mountain bike trails and single tracks of varying difficulty. Gap Creek Circuit (1.3km) is popular as a warm-up ride. But novices beware, the track is classed as “more difficult”, with a width of 60cm or more, challenging slopes, tighter turns, and obstacles 20cm or more. Easy rides such as the Rocket Frog Trail (2.2km) are 90cm wide or more, with much smaller obstacles, no larger than 5cm.

The Pipeline Trail (0.85km) is the park’s most difficult, with a width as narrow as 30cm, difficult climbs and descents, loose or rough sections, tight turns and obstacles over 38cm tall. You’ll find a 180-degree wall-ride berm, log rollovers and large drop-off. The multi-use trails are the easiest to ride, however many of them are steep and loose.

Pay special attention when riding over the erosion control banks (water bars) which have been the downfall of many a novice rider. Some small sections may exceed the overall grade of the trail. Volunteers and rangers work on the tracks constantly, regularly rerouting and upgrading them to make them environmentally sustainable.

What else to do near Gap Creek Reserve

Once at Gap Creek Reserve, you’ll find plenty more to do. Nearby Anzac Park is not considered good a riding spot, but is a good place for beginners and popular with locals looking for a quick ride during the week. For non-riders, take a drive to the top of Mount Coot-tha for an unparalleled view of Brisbane, check out the Mount Coot-tha Botanic Gardens or head to the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium. There are some great cafes if you head back towards the city near Toowong, and one of Brisbane’s best - Wild Canary - is just eight minutes further west by car, in Brookfield.

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